12 Customer Relationship Management Defining Customer Relationship Management 12.1 ’S ABOUT BUSINESS 12.1

12 Customer Relationship Management Defining Customer Relationship Management 12.1 ’S ABOUT BUSINESS 12.1 www.phwiki.com

12 Customer Relationship Management Defining Customer Relationship Management 12.1 ’S ABOUT BUSINESS 12.1

Lee, DeAnna, Midday On-Air Personality has reference to this Academic Journal, PHwiki organized this Journal 12Customer Relationship ManagementDefining Customer Relationship ManagementOperational Customer Relationship Management SystemsAnalytical Customer Relationship Management SystemsOther Types of Customer Relationship Management SystemsIdentify the primary functions of both customer relationship management (CRM) in addition to collaborative CRM strategies.Describe how businesses might utilize applications of each of the two major components of operational CRM systems.Discuss the benefits of analytical CRM systems to businesses.

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Explain the advantages in addition to disadvantages of mobile CRM systems, on-dem in addition to CRM systems, in addition to open-source CRM systems.Rating Online Customer ServiceWhy is it so valuable as long as an online retailer to be able to post StellaService’s seal of approval on its Web site in addition to advertising materialsWhy doesn’t StellaService provide the same service as long as bricks- in addition to -mortar retailersDefining Customer Relationship Management12.1Customer Touch PointsData Consolidation

’S ABOUT BUSINESS 12.1Amazon: Truly Superb Customer ServiceDescribe the advantages that Amazon has over bricks- in addition to -mortar retailers.Describe the many facets of Amazon’s relentless focus on customer relationship management.Figure 12.1: CRM ProcessFigure 12.2: Customer Touchpoints

Operational Customer Relationship Management System12.2Customer-Facing ApplicationsCustomer-Touching ApplicationsCustomer Facing ApplicationsCustomer Service in addition to SupportSales Force AutomationSales as long as ce.com MarketingCampaign ManagementCustomer Facing Applications: Customer Service & SupportCustomer Interaction Centers (CIC)Call CenterOubound TelesalesInbound TeleserviceKnowledge baseIn as long as mation Help DeskLive ChatNatural language processing

Live Chat13Customer Facing Applications: Sales Force AutomationContact Management System No redundant calls Sales Lead Tracking SystemID cust who are likely to purchase a pdtSales Forecasting SystemProduct Knowledge SystemConfigurator“Build your own (PC; NIKE; )”Customer Facing Applications: MarketingData MiningCross-SellingUpsellingBundling

Customer Facing Applications: Campaign ManagementCampaign PlanningRight messagesRight people Analytical CRMRight channelsMarketing communications opt-outCustomer Touching ApplicationsSearch & Comparison CapabilitiesTechnical in addition to Other In as long as mation in addition to ServicesCustomized Products in addition to ServicesMass CustomizationPersonalized Web PagesFrequently Asked Questions (FAQs)E-mail in addition to Automated ResponseLoyalty ProgramsCustomers can use these to help themselvesAnalytical Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Systems12.3Analytical CRM Systems Analyze Customer Data as long as :Targeted marketing campaignsIncreasing customer acquisition, cross-selling, in addition to upsellingProducts in addition to services decision support Financial as long as ecastingCustomer profitability analysis

Figure 12.3: Relationship Between Operational CRM & Analytical CRMWhat’s missing hereOther Types of Customer Relationship Management Systems12.4On-Dem in addition to CRM SystemsMobile CRM SystemsOpen-Source CRM SystemsSocial CRMComment: the title of this sectionOn-Dem in addition to CRM SystemsOn-Premise CRM Systems versus On-Dem in addition to CRM SystemsBenefits of On-Dem in addition to CRM SystemsPotential Problems with On-Dem in addition to CRM Systems

On-Dem in addition to CRM Systems: BenefitsReduced cost when compared to purchasing the systemReduced maintenance costsEmployees only need to know how to access in addition to utilize the systemOn-Dem in addition to CRM Systems: Potential ProblemsUnreliable vendorsHosted software difficult to modifyUpgrades only through the vendorDifficult integration with organization’s existing softwareIn as long as mation security & privacy risksOpen-Source CRM SystemsBenefits of Open-Source CRM SystemsDisadvantages of Open-Source CRM SystemsExamples

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Open-Source CRM Systems: BenefitsFavorable pricingWide variety of applicationsEasy to customizeUpdates in addition to bug (software error) fixes rapidly distributedExtensive support in as long as mation available as long as freeOpen-Source CRM Systems: DisadvantagesRisk related to quality controlCompany’s IT plat as long as m must match development plat as long as m of open-source CRM systemOpen-Source CRM Systems: ExamplesSugarCRM (www.sugarcrm.com)Concursive(www.concursive.com) Vtiger(www.vtiger.com)

Social CRMProvides two-way communication between organization & customersOrganizations monitor social media sites in addition to respond accordinglyCustomers obtain faster, better customer service’S ABOUT BUSINESS 12.2uShip Benefits from SugarCRMDescribe the advantages provided to uShip by the SugarCRM system.Describe the business needs of uShip that led to the company’s decision to implement a CRM system.’S ABOUT BUSINESS 12.3Morton’s Steakhouse Surprises a CustomerExplain how Morton’s monitoring of social media illustrates how CRM is reviving personal marketing.Do you see any disadvantages in such close monitoring of social media Provide specific examples to support your answer.

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