16-Channel RGB LED Controller Design Components Parameters Schematic

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16-Channel RGB LED Controller Design Components Parameters Schematic

Coyle, Noelle, Managing Editor has reference to this Academic Journal, PHwiki organized this Journal 16-Channel RGB LED ControllerNolan ClarkDesignEach RGB led color connects to a different 16-channel driver (total of 3 primary drivers)3 16-channel drivers daisy chained together to communicate over SPI via an ATMEGA644A RGB LEDs source 20mA 3.2V Control driver current with current limit resistor on driver IC 3kohm as long as 20mAComponents

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ParametersComplete design in Cadence ALLEGRO10-20mil traces with 10 mil spacing15mil via15 mil annular ring as long as viaBoard dimensions 4000x6000milSchematic 2-layer designSolder Mask TopBottomTopSolder Mask Bottom

SilkscreenManufactured Board: UnpopulatedManufactured Board: Populated

ConclusionsCadence Allegro very versatile program as long as schematic in addition to PCB designOriginally designed 4-layer board, too expensive to manufactureRedesign to 2-layer challenging because Allegro makes it difficult to undo major changes (such as deleting extra layers)Will use Allegro as long as future PCB designCircuit does work, only requires an AVR programmer to program the microcontroller

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