176C – Fast Approaching Project based GIS course Projects Projects Projects

176C – Fast Approaching Project based GIS course Projects Projects Projects www.phwiki.com

176C – Fast Approaching Project based GIS course Projects Projects Projects

Schaffels, Brandy, Managing Editor has reference to this Academic Journal, PHwiki organized this Journal 176C – Fast Approaching Indy Hurt March 3rd, 2009 Project based GIS course Projects Successes Design Data Projects Taking that leap!

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Successes Campus Garden Campus Inside Campus Outside Campus Risk Campus Tour Labyrinth Restroom Lighting Bike Path Safety Isoteam LEED Successes Campus Garden Created 33 x 25.5’ analog field map Public Participation GIS (PPGIS) to determining plot boundaries, l in addition to use, in addition to vegetation quality Recorded paths, plots, fruit trees, in addition to utilities on field map H in addition to held GPS to record the coordinates of all edible fruit trees Successes Campus Inside Create a realistic 3D model of Phelps Hall from floor plans derived from CAD data that are georectified in addition to compatible within ArcGIS

Successes Isoteam To compare in addition to quantify differences in campus accessibility between walking in addition to biking Walking Biking Walking Biking

Design A definition of design from Bill Miller Design is the thought process comprising the creation on an entity. object event concept relationship complex entity Design The purpose of design is to facilitate life. If a design facilitates life it is good If a design inhibits life it is bad If it does neither it is neutral Design Start with the questions What types of analysis can answer these questions What data will be needed to carry out the analysis

Design: Your in-class example Kenny’s Question: How far can you smell the lagoon Potential analysis to answer this question Wind movement analysis Diffusion modeling (bacteria) Time series analysis of water level Potential datasets to support the analysis Weather data Water samples Lagoon bathymetry Design Key point: The order of this process is important Formulate your questions first! Data Data data everywhere Campus 15 GB in addition to counting Community Keith Clarke’s newly acquired parcel database The Channel Isl in addition to s Regional Geographic GIS collaborative www.cirgis.org Many others

Project based GIS course Projects Successes Design Data Piece of cake Sure! Image Credits https://www.academy-florists.com/shop/index.phpcPath=26&page=all&osCsid=cb01bf0b0aa531fd http://www.iconarchive.com/category/object/buuf-icons-by-mattahan.html Project graphics in addition to images from 2008 176C presentations anything else is Microsoft clip art

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