1F. Dahlgren, 1T. Kozub, 1T. Dodson, 1C. Priniski, 1C. Gentile, 2J. Sethian, 1G.

1F. Dahlgren, 1T. Kozub, 1T. Dodson, 1C. Priniski, 1C. Gentile, 2J. Sethian, 1G. www.phwiki.com

1F. Dahlgren, 1T. Kozub, 1T. Dodson, 1C. Priniski, 1C. Gentile, 2J. Sethian, 1G.

Germano, Michelle, News Director has reference to this Academic Journal, PHwiki organized this Journal 1F. Dahlgren, 1T. Kozub, 1T. Dodson, 1C. Priniski, 1C. Gentile, 2J. Sethian, 1G. Gettelfinger, 2A. E. Robson, 3A. R. Raffray, 4M. Sawan 1Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory, 2Naval Research Laboratory, 3University of Cali as long as nia-San Diego, 4University of Wisconsin HAPL 16, Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory, December 12th-13th 2006, Princeton, NJ A conceptual design of a magnet system to mitigate the effects of ion erosion on first wall components of a High Average Power Laser (HAPL) driven fusion reactor is presented. A cusp field geometry is used to deflect the ions away from the wall in addition to dissipate their energy via induced currents in the blanket-wall. This effectively deposits the majority of the energy carried by the ions in the volume of the blanket rather than the surface. Abstract Magnetic Intervention Cusp magnetic field stops the radially exp in addition to ing ion shell Ion flux to wall is minimized Field is resistively dissipated in blanket/wall  Ions, at reduced energy in addition to power, are directed through cusp poles in addition to into mid-plane toroidal dumps  Solid Wall Magnetic Deflection Conclusions in addition to Path Forward 3D Pro-E Modeling of Target Chamber Concept Baseline Design of Cusp Coils The current baseline design of the cusp coils uses a Cable in Conduit Conductor (CICC) comprised of Nb-Ti superconductor with a as long as ced flow super-critical LHe coolant. Two typical cross-sections of the coil are presented in the figures below. A high current density option is considered if AC fields are not present in the coil windings in addition to a much lower current density configuration if a 5 Hz AC field is present (currently under investigation). The coil in addition to case will be as long as ce-cooled with 4.5-5 K LHe. An additional LN2 shroud will be positioned around the coil structure in addition to support columns to be a thermal shield. Radiation in addition to neutronics studies suggest that a minimum 50 cm thick water/316L-SS shield will be required between the SiC blanket in addition to coil. Other coil conductor options, including the use of Ruther as long as d cable in addition to HTS YBCO are also under consideration. per M. Sawan, U.W., HAPL Meeting, GA, August 8-9, 2006 In Direct Drive (IFE) implosions, approximately 28% of energy released is carried by charged particles. The ion species include the usual DT in addition to DD fusion reactions in addition to these charged particles represent the biggest “threat” to the survival of the first wall. To ease this threat, the concept of “Magnetic Intervention” has been proposed using a cusp shaped magnetic field to deflect the ions away from the first wall. In a cusp geometry the field is zero at the target origin in addition to presents a positive (convex) curvature to the exp in addition to ing ion flux during the pulse. The interaction of the radially directed ions in addition to electrons with this field will result in an induced rotational current in the exp in addition to ing plasma. This induced current would be opposite that in the coils (clockwise in the upper hemisphere of the plasma, counterclockwise in the lower half) in addition to thus would exclude the magnetic field from the interior of the exp in addition to ing plasma. Because flux is excluded, the magnetic field is pushed outward in addition to is compressed since it cannot move past the external cusp coils. The expansion will continue until the increased magnetic pressure is balanced by the exp in addition to ing plasma pressure, i.e. the system produces a beta of ~1.0. If the chamber wall is made of a resistive material, such as SiC, the energy of exp in addition to ing magnetic field can be dissipated in the wall material as heat, thus effectively converting into a volumetric deposition of that heat. A cusp geometry has an open toroidal belt at the mid-plane in addition to openings at the poles. The ions, with reduced energy eventually leak out these openings. Additional energy would be dissipated via Bremstralung in addition to other photon radiation. A conceptual design of a magnet system is being investigated which will produce a sufficient cusp shaped field as long as the deflection of the charged products from a direct drive inertial fusion target. Further refinements of the design will address the radiation/lifetime, structural supports, busing/joint configuration, fault in addition to quench protection, cryogen requirements, in addition to investigate the feasibility in addition to economies of alternative conductor options. Cusp Field Coil Analysis COIL     A       Z       NI           FZ           FR/L         FZ/L         S-HOOP   COMBINED            M       M       AT N             N/M          N/M         N/M SQ    STRESS           IN      IN       AT            LB           LB/IN        LB/IN        PSI          PSI   DFL-R  1   3.400   5.000    4.000E+06   -8.105E+06    2.660E+06   -3.794E+05    1.159E+07       133.858 196.850    4.000E+06   -1.823E+06    1.520E+04   -2.168E+03    1.682E+03  1.912E+03  1.407E-02   2   3.400  -5.000   -4.000E+06    8.106E+06    2.660E+06    3.794E+05    1.159E+07       133.858 -196.850   -4.000E+06    1.823E+06    1.520E+04    2.168E+03    1.682E+03  1.912E+03  1.407E-02  3   6.100   2.250    4.800E+06    4.511E+07    9.559E+05    1.177E+06    7.472E+06       240.157  88.583    4.800E+06    1.015E+07    5.461E+03    6.723E+03    1.084E+03  3.537E+03  1.627E-02  4   6.100  -2.250   -4.800E+06   -4.511E+07    9.559E+05   -1.177E+06    7.472E+06       240.157 -88.583   -4.800E+06   -1.015E+07    5.461E+03   -6.723E+03    1.084E+03  3.537E+03  1.627E-02 Discussion All models are currently under development. High Current Density Option Low Current Density Option General Conceptual Arrangement as long as a Magnetic Intervention Chamber

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