1James Cheeseman XafinityCareer talk:Cardiff University School of Mathematics1st

1James Cheeseman XafinityCareer talk:Cardiff University School of Mathematics1st www.phwiki.com

1James Cheeseman XafinityCareer talk:Cardiff University School of Mathematics1st

Christiansen, Erin, Meteorologist has reference to this Academic Journal, PHwiki organized this Journal 1James Cheeseman XafinityCareer talk:Cardiff University School of Mathematics1st December 2014A bit about me Actuarial Assistant @ Xafinity Pensions Consultancy A-levels: 4 A’s MORS at Cardiff Uni Student actuary as long as 15 months. Passed 3 exams.Why did I decide to become an actuaryWhat do I do in my role 2Suggestions as long as talk topicsWhat do you do day-to-day Who are your clients, what do you do as long as them What projects are you working on What key issues are there in your practice area at the moment What do I want to achieve in the future What advice would you give a potential student Any helpful hint on graduate entry – e.g. work experience/internship/recruitment processes

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Institute in addition to Faculty of Actuaries (IFoA)Promotes the work of actuaries Oversees the education of actuaries belonging to the body at all stages Exp in addition to s actuarial knowledge through research in addition to thought leadershipEn as long as ces ethical in addition to professional st in addition to ards Identifies matters where the work of actuaries would be of benefit to the publicIf you want to qualify as an actuary you must become a member of an actuarial professional body. 4Who makes up our membership We have a global membership of over 25,500 members. Our student membership is 13,097. It is broken down below; 4% are under the age of 2157% are under the age of 3094% are under the age of 40! 55% are based outside of the UK 38% are female The top 5 degree subjects our Student members have studied are below Maths Actuarial Science EconomicsPhysicsMORSE5Where do actuaries work 6Of the 25,500 members of the IFoA 72% are based in the UK28% are based outside of the UK 18% General insurance 33% Life insurance 7% Investment 27% Pensions 4% Emerging fields – Health in addition to Care, Risk management 5% Other 6% Retired This figure may look small but many members in this area may have Life of General insurance as their primary practice area but work predominantly in risk.

How do I become an actuary Get your A Levels or Scottish Highers, including a good grade in MathsComplete your degree, ideally in a numerate subject from a university with a good reputation Gain a 2:1 or higher – this is a minimum requirement from most employers An actuarial science degree or diploma offers opportunities as long as exemptions from exams Get some work experience Find a trainee actuarial position with a companyJoin the IFoA as a student member – employers will help you with this; you do not need to join us until you get a job 7What kind of work experience should I get It doesn’t matter! 47% of employers say that “they would not take on a student if they don’t have work experience” Actuarial placements are very competitive Client work is often confidential Too technical Costly as long as a firm in terms of money in addition to time Look as long as a role in an office/financial sector/within the industry If this is not possible then any sort of work experience will doThe “business skills” you will learn are transferable 8Graduate trainee schemesUse the Directory of Actuarial Employers to help you get started Research the practice area/region/type of company you want to work as long as ConsultancyInsurance Lots of differences Graduate closing dates, usually early November although some all year round How will you be assessed Assessment centres/phone interviews/cover letters/CVs What do you get from your employer Study mentor Salary Study days (can vary) Support Social lifeExam success associated pay increase (usually!)They will pay as long as you exams, study materials in addition to any exam support 9

What can an actuary earn10Source: XpertHR Salary survey of actuaries in addition to actuarial students, 2014. For more in as long as mation visit www.xperthr.co.ukAssessments Work-based skills (WBS) – 1 or 3 years Examination subjects 9 Core technical (CT) 3 Core applications (CA) 2 Specialist technical (ST) 1 Specialist applications (SA) 1 Practice module (to practise in the UK in a reserved role) Including practical exams: Business awareness (CT9) Model documentation, analysis in addition to reporting (CA2) Communications (CA3)Professionalism requirement – courses/online testOngoing CPD – when you qualify11International Actuarial Careers Network – IACN A global network as long as potential actuarial studentsWhat are we offering you Access to Career Ambassadors Networking in addition to links with employers etc In as long as mation on local events Careers newsletterWhat are the benefits to you Align yourself with the IFoA in addition to the wider industry Find out what’s happening in the industry Get your questions answered by employersWho’s in the IACN 500+ members Over 30 different countries Many different topics Job offers Interview technique Accountant or Actuary Practice areas 12

Where can I find out more13Visit: www.actuaries.org.uk/becoming-actuaryE-mail: careers@actuaries.org.uk LinkedIn: uk.linkedin.com/pub/jenni-hughes-mcim-chartered-marketer/1a/bb1/459/ Facebook – www.facebook.com/Actuarial Our brochuresCommentsQuestionsOR Speak to your Careers AdviserContact a Careers Ambassador – www.actuaries.org.uk/becoming-actuary/pages/career-ambassadors PensionsHow does a pension scheme workHow full does the bath tub need to beContributions (from employers in addition to members)Investment returnsBenefits paid out15

How do we decide on the level of assets neededHow long will members liveHow high will inflation beHow large will pensions beWhat returns will assets earn16How should we invest assetsLow riskHigh riskLow returnHigh returnBONDSCASHLow risk or high returnOr somewhere between17Case study 1 – individual member calculationsDivorceTransfersLump SumsRetirement18

Case study 2 – actuarial valuations© 2012 The Actuarial Profession www.actuaries.org.ukRequired every 3 yearsCompare scheme’s assets in addition to liabilitiesAdvice on assumptionsNegotiations with employerDesign funding planModelsSurplusDeficitCase study 3 – buy-out projectPension liabilities are risky in addition to long termPension schemes pay insurance companies to take risk away from themActuaries are involved in all stages of the process –from obtaining initial quotations from insurers to selecting the final insurer in addition to negotiating the terms of the risk transferPension SchemeInsurance Company20Case study 4 – Merger in addition to acquisition Company A takes over Company BCompany A needs to underst in addition to the pension risks it is taking on – actuaries advise on thisInvolves detective-like investigations in addition to then negotiationsWorking in a team with client, legal advisers in addition to corporate financiers Would you want to buy a company whose pension scheme has a deficit larger than the value of the company21

RiskWhat’s the highest risk activityCyclingRunningSwimming Sky Diving

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What’s the highest risk activityCycling 2nd 1-in-92,000Running 3rd 1-in-97,000Swimming 1st 1-in-57,000Sky Diving 4th 1-in-101,000Odds of death per participation in event.What are you more likely to die fromHomicideFood poisoning An asteroid impactWhat are you more likely to die fromHomicide 1-in-75,000 Food poisoning 1-in-500,000An asteroid impact 1-in-500,000

Perceptions of Risk are Influenced by Perceived degree of control. Awareness of the risk / media coverage. Man-made vs. natural. Catastrophic vs. chronic. Familiar vs. new. Trust in the source. Negative Event Fixation.28Actuaries are typically involved in the monitoring in addition to assessment of risk which generates financial uncertaintyLongevity risk Mortality risk Credit risk Catstrophe risk Market risk With the aim of creating value from pooling in addition to managing risk 29Actuaries who work in risk Need to consider the ‘full picture’Don’t evaluate risk in a purely numerical or mathematical way Provide an independent viewFrom an oversight function – actuaries provide a second line of defence 30

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