1Joint Military Training in Alaska:Realizing Exceptional PotentialMr Steven Hatt

1Joint Military Training in Alaska:Realizing Exceptional PotentialMr Steven Hatt www.phwiki.com

1Joint Military Training in Alaska:Realizing Exceptional PotentialMr Steven Hatt

King, Hannah, Features Editor has reference to this Academic Journal, PHwiki organized this Journal 1Joint Military Training in Alaska:Realizing Exceptional PotentialMr Steven Hatter, ALCOM J7, 20 Sep 2010DoD Training Range Challenges“To properly prepare U.S. Forces as long as combat, DoD must train at ranges that encompass all the terrain, l in addition to cover, in addition to climate conditions that military personnel in addition to weapon systems may encounter during deployment sustaining these ranges is critical to ensuring readiness.” 2008 Report to Congress on Sustainable Ranges, OSD USD P&RTrends Shaping Range Development in addition to Sustainment:Encroachment challenges to existing rangesLimited/reduced fundingNew plat as long as m training requirements (UAS, 5th Gen, net-centric, etc.)Joint training doctrine: true joint interoperability dem in addition to s mission rehearsals—tactical through operational levels of warElectronic warfare capabilities .ours in addition to our competitor’sSpace in addition to Cyber domain training is a growth industryEmerging Live, Virtual, Constructive (LVC) concepts in addition to capabilitiesHigher m in addition to ates: The Joint Operating Environment (JOE) 2010, The Capstone Concept as long as Joint Operations (CCJO) 2009, et. al. How might Alaska be part of the solution needed to answer DoD range challengesWhat is the business model needed to achieve efficiencies in addition to improved effectiveness across current Alaska capabilities, while also driving to a desired joint future3 The Questions We’re Asking

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Alaska, perhaps could be central to DoD’s 21st century range development in addition to sustainment strategy we’ve “br in addition to ed” this truth as JPARCCompelling points:Vast all domain capacity—little encroachment (environmental, commercial, host community)Alaska-based Air Force in addition to Army as long as ces Base infrastructure/Range instrumentationEstablished joint in addition to combined exercisesLive-virtual-constructive track record in addition to existing architecture“US soil” enables “US Only” vignettes—we maintain control of scenarios, but can play coalition tooPositive local/state environment as long as action—AMFAST = Alaska Military Force Advocacy & Structure Team (Gen Ralston, Gen Gamble, MG Hamilton, Jim Dodson )Why AlaskaWhy Alaska NowChanging military footprint dem in addition to s vision in addition to leadership to meet future joint context training needsAlaska has unique strengths in addition to untapped potential in contrast to shrinking training space elsewhere2010Created the Alaska Joint Training Program of Excellence, with JPARC as its centerpiece

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