2.1 Space in addition to Time Chapter 2 Objectives Express lengths in metric in addition to English un

2.1 Space in addition to Time Chapter 2 Objectives Express lengths in metric in addition to English un www.phwiki.com

2.1 Space in addition to Time Chapter 2 Objectives Express lengths in metric in addition to English un

Lundin, Michael, Field Producer has reference to this Academic Journal, PHwiki organized this Journal 2.1 Space in addition to Time Chapter 2 Objectives Express lengths in metric in addition to English units. Convert measurements in addition to calculated quantities between different units. Calculate the surface area in addition to volume of simple shapes in addition to solids. Work with time intervals in hours, minutes, in addition to seconds. Describe two effects you feel every day that are created by mass. Describe the mass of objects in grams in addition to kilograms. Use scientific notation to represent large in addition to small numbers. Design a controlled experiment. Create in addition to use a graphical model based on data. Chapter 2 Vocabulary element English system experimental variable exponent friction gas graph mixture plasma precision procedure scientific notation SI system solid graphical model independent variable inertia length liquid mass metric system speed surface area time interval variable volume weight x-axis y-axis

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Inv 2.1 Distance in addition to Length Investigation Key Question: How do we accurately communicate length in addition to distance 2.1 Space in addition to Time Space in physics means the three dimensions of up-down, left-right, in addition to front-back. The three dimensions of space are described with length units, such as meters, inches, in addition to feet. Time provides another dimension as long as describing when something occurs. 2.1 Thinking about distance Measurement is a quantity in addition to a unit Distance is the amount of space between two points is measured in units of length

2.1 Two common systems of units Science problem solving requires both: Metric or S.I. system English system 2.1 Two common systems of length Almost all fields of science use metric units. They make calculations easier because the units are based on factors of ten. It is often necessary to take a measurement in one unit in addition to convert it into a different unit using conversion factors. 2.1 Converting from one unit to another

You are asked as long as the distance in meters (m). You are given the distance in yards (yds). Relationship: 1 yard= 3 feet 100 yds x 3 ft x 0.3048 m = 91.4 m 1 yd 1 ft Converting length in yards to meters A football field is 100 yards long. What is this distance expressed in meters 2.1 Time Two ways to think about time: What time is it 11:52 a.m. on March 12, 2010 How much time has passed 2 hr: 22 min: 42 sec. A quantity of time is often called a time interval. 2.1 How is time measured

You are asked as long as time in seconds. You are given a time interval in mixed units. 1 hour = 3,600 sec 1 minute = 60 sec Do the conversion: 1 hour = 3,600 sec 26 minutes = 26 × 60 = 1,560 sec Add all the seconds: t = 3,600 + 1,560 + 31.25 = 5,191.25 sec Converting a mixed time to seconds How many seconds are in 1 hour, 26 minutes, in addition to 31.25 seconds 2.1 Time scales in physics Events in the universe happen over a huge range of time intervals. In many experiments, you will be observing how things change with time.

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