3 Data in addition to Knowledge Management Managing Data 3.1 Data quality

3 Data in addition to Knowledge Management Managing Data 3.1 Data quality www.phwiki.com

3 Data in addition to Knowledge Management Managing Data 3.1 Data quality

Tracey, Jerry, Meteorologist has reference to this Academic Journal, PHwiki organized this Journal 3Data in addition to Knowledge Management1Managing DataThe Database ApproachBig DataData Warehouses in addition to Data MartsKnowledge Management2Discuss ways that common challenges in managing data can be addressed using data governance.Discuss the advantages in addition to disadvantages of relational databases.Define Big Data, in addition to discuss its basic characteristics.3

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Recognize the necessary environment to successfully implement in addition to maintain data warehouses.Describe the benefits in addition to challenges of implementing knowledge management systems in organizations.4Flurry Gathers Data from Smartphone UsersDo you feel that Flurry should be installed on your smartphone by various app makers without your consent Why or why not Support your answer.What problems would Flurry encounter if someone other than the smartphone’s owner uses the device (Hint: Note how Flurry gathers data.)Can Flurry survive the privacy concerns that are being raised about its business model5Managing Data3.1Data QualityDifficulties of Managing DataData Governance6

Data qualityAccurateComplete Timely ConsistentAccessibleRelevantConcise7RelevantComplete AccessibleTimely AccurateConsistentConcisePurposeUsage“Qual details”The Difficulties of Managing DataThe amount of data increases exponentially over timeData are scattered throughout organizationsData are generated from multiple sources (internal, personal, external)New sources of data20-15 years ago:7-10 years ago:Now:8The Difficulties of Managing Data (continued)“Natural” loss of data:Data DegradationMoved; changed; inactivateData RotRocketdyne example: Moon l in addition to ingData security, quality, in addition to integrity are criticalLegal requirements change frequently in addition to differ among countries & industries9

’S ABOUT BUSINESS 3.1New York City Opens Its Data to All What are some other creative applications addressing city problems that could be developed using NYC’s open data policyList some disadvantages of providing all city data in an open, accessible as long as mat.10Data GovernanceMaster Data ManagementSynchronize A single version (P.71)Master Data vs Transaction data11The Database Approach3.2Data FileDatabase Systems Minimize & Maximize Three ThingsThe Data HierarchyThe Relational Database Model12

Figure 3.1: Database Management System13Database Management Systems (DBMS) Minimize:Data RedundancyData IsolationData Inconsistency 14Database Management Systems (DBMS) Maximize:Data SecurityData IntegrityData IndependenceIn the old days, data files in addition to programs were 15

’S ABOUT BUSINESS 3.2Google’s Knowledge GraphRefer to the definition of a relational database. In what way can the Knowledge Graph be considered a database Provide specific examples to support your answer.Refer to the definition of an expert system in Plug IT In 5. Could the Knowledge Graph be considered an expert system If so, provide a specific example to support your answer.What are the advantages of the Knowledge Graph over traditional Google searches16Data HierarchyDatabaseData File (Table)RecordFieldByteBit17Biz/ LogicPhy-sicsHiLowData Hierarchy(Figure from Laudon & Laudon)LowHighBad exmple – A principle of DB design: smlst elmt

Data hierarchy explained:19Figure 3.2: Hierarchy of Data as long as a Computer-Based File20The Relational Database ModelDatabase Management System (DBMS)Relational Database ModelData ModelEntityInstanceAttribute21

Relational Database Model Example22Every row in the table is a DISCUSSIONDatabase – maintains in as long as mation about various types of objects, places/organizations, people, in addition to eventsThink: City names in State table Similarly: UNIV, COLLEGE, STUDENT, COURSE;COMPANY, DEPARTMT, EMPLOYEE, PRODUCT23The Relational Database Model (continued)Primary KeyUniquely:Secondary KeyHelp to identify but not uniquely:Foreign KeyThrough which relationship is maintained in addition to implementedPK-FK pair, between “-” in addition to “–” tables (1-M later)24PK on 1-side (Parent-side), FK on M-side (Child-side)P. 76See Plug-In 3

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Figure 3.3: Student Database Example25Problem of this designBig Data3.3Defining Big DataCharacteristics of Big DataIssues with Big DataManaging Big DataPutting Big Data to Use26Defining Big DataGartner (www.gartner.com)The Big Data Institute (TBDI)27

Defining Big Data: GartnerDiverse, high volume, high-velocity in as long as mation assets that require new as long as ms of processing to enable enhanced decision making, insight discovery, in addition to process optimization. 28Defining Big Data: The Big Data Institute (TBDI)Vast Datasets that:Exhibit varietyInclude structured, unstructured, in addition to semi-structured dataGenerated at high velocity with an uncertain patternDo not fit neatly into traditional, structured, relational databasesCan be captured, processed, trans as long as med, in addition to analyzed in a reasonable amount of time only by sophisticated in as long as mation systems.29Characteristics of Big DataVolumeVelocityVariety30

Figure 3.7: Equivalence Between Relational in addition to Multidimensional Databases43’S ABOUT BUSINESS 3.4Data Warehouse Gives Nordea Bank a Single Version of the TruthWhat are other advantages (not mentioned in the case) that Nordea Bank might realize from its data warehouseWhat recommendations would you give to Nordea Bank about incorporating Big Data into their bank’s data management Provide specific examples of what types of Big Data you think Nordea should consider.44

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