5 You can do it. Chapter 1 Matter in addition to Measurement States of Matter Solid

5 You can do it. Chapter 1 Matter in addition to Measurement States of Matter Solid www.phwiki.com

5 You can do it. Chapter 1 Matter in addition to Measurement States of Matter Solid

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States of Matter Solid Liquid

Gas Plasma

Matter Pure substances (homogeneous composition) Mixtures of two or more substances Elements Compounds Solutions (homogeneous composition – one phase) Heterogeneous mixtures (two or more phases) Figure 3.2 (page 48) Classifying Substances Mixtures Homogeneous Heterogeneous

Pure substance A particular kind of matter with a definite, fixed composition Elements Compounds Compounds Two or more elements New Definite Can be How would you classify Gatorade Caesar salad Water Coffee An iron nail Air Milk

Methods of Separation Do not cause chemical changes Filtration Used as long as Gravity Vacuum Sublimation

Evaporation Solutions Distillation Relies on Chromatography Relies on

Decantation Crystallization 5

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The Metric System The International System of Units St in addition to ards of measurement Base units (7) – see Table 1.4 pg 14 MASS: LENGTH: TIME: COUNT, QUANTITY: TEMPERATURE: ELECTRIC CURRENT: LUMINOUS INSTENSITY: The Metric System Derived Units: AREA: VOLUME: ENERGY: FORCE: PRESSURE: POWER: VOLTAGE: FREQUENCY: ELECTRIC CHARGE: Density Common ratio used in chemistry Physical property of a substance D = SI units: kg/m3 Solid g/cm3 Liquid g/mL Gas g/L Can change due to temperature in addition to /or pressure changes

Density Find the density of a piece of metal with a volume of 2.7 cm3 in addition to a mass of 10.8 g. 2. Determine the mass of an object with a density of 0.24 g/cm3 in addition to a volume of 2 cm3. The Metric System Metric Prefixes – make base unit larger or smaller Table 1.5 – pg 14 Based on 10 Math method vs. “Stairs” Conversion Practice Convert a volume of 12 microliters into centiliters Express a distance of 15 meters in kilometers Convert 83 cm into meters Which is the longer amount of time, 1351 ps or 1.2 ns Convert 16 dL into L

Dimensional Analysis (Problem Solving) The “t” method unit given unit wanted = unit wanted unit given Example: How many liters are in 125.6 gallons Conversion Factor Dimensional Analysis (Problem Solving) How many seconds are in 4.15 hours Dimensional Analysis (Problem Solving) If a student needs 1.5 mL of water, how many cups does he need

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