9/8 SCIENTIFIC METHOD Who is this Now you tell me Precision How long is the blue line

9/8 SCIENTIFIC METHOD Who is this Now you tell me Precision How long is the blue line www.phwiki.com

9/8 SCIENTIFIC METHOD Who is this Now you tell me Precision How long is the blue line

Linn, Sarah, Features Reporter has reference to this Academic Journal, PHwiki organized this Journal 9/8 Today we will look at the scientific method by per as long as ming a lab Please pick up the lab sheet at the front as well as your assigned calculator. Please give me a few days to get work graded from last week. If you were absent Thursday, see me about making up the test If you were absent Friday, you will need to make up the Scientific Method Activity-see me SCIENTIFIC METHOD Why do we care Effective in gaining, organizing, in addition to applying knowledge An organized approach in studying problems Steps Who is considered the “Father” of the Scientific Method Who is this Galileo 1600s Founder of Scientific Method Principle of Inertia Father of Astronomy, Physics, Modern Science Controversy: Heliocentrism (opposed Aristotle, Copernicus, in addition to the Church)

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Now you tell me What is the correct way to take in addition to record a measurement Parallax in addition to Precision Parallax What is it Parallax An apparent shift in position of an object when it is viewed from different angles Location, location, location! Align eyes directly with indicator to increase accuracy.

Precision How long is the blue line 0 ft 1 mm 2 mm Always estimate one place beyond smallest interval. What is the length of the blue line More measurement .looking as long as relationships The alignment of planets in the sky determines the best time as long as making decisions. Consider the statement above. Is this a valid scientific hypothesis Yes No

Variable Any factor that is apt to change the outcome of an experiment Example Manipulated vs Dependent Relationships Direct Inverse Measurements Qualitative measurements – adjectives Quantitative measurements – involve actual numbers (quantities) These depend on reliability of the measuring instrument. These depend on care with which it is read.

Quantitative vs Qualitative What type of measurement is more useful What two items must one always include when taking a measurement Numerical Portion Unit

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