A Comprehensive Solution Team Mag 5 Valerie B., Derek C., Jimmy C., Julia M., Ma

A Comprehensive Solution Team Mag 5 Valerie B., Derek C., Jimmy C., Julia M., Ma www.phwiki.com

A Comprehensive Solution Team Mag 5 Valerie B., Derek C., Jimmy C., Julia M., Ma

Hengemuehler, Joe, News Director has reference to this Academic Journal, PHwiki organized this Journal A Comprehensive Solution Team Mag 5 Valerie B., Derek C., Jimmy C., Julia M., Mark Z. 44 states have enacted laws that if the companies lose customer or employee data they can be held liable In our most recent HR audit we discovered the following flaws Data is stored in an unsecured manner Lack of compliance with Corporate Data Privacy Policy Varying interpretations of how the Data Privacy Policy Applies Transfer of unsecured data to various vendors Lack of control of data usage in addition to access Auditors increasingly concerned with personally identifiable data. US Sarbanes Oxley Act Global companies need to worry about Safe Harbor as long as global data. Increased awareness of identity theft. Health In as long as mation Use technology instead of only policy to protect data. Proactive instead of responsive measures after data has been exposed already.

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Improved over basic encryption with high speed 128/256 bit file based encryption which resolves the per as long as mance issues with other encryption solutions. Improved database intrusion detection because it is context aware. It knows all the users in addition to their access hours in addition to abilities. Improved data leak prevention since it prevents the unencrypted data from even being accessed let alone removed from system. Vormetric appliance as long as production : $39,900.00 Vormetric appliance as long as development: $29,000.00 Unix / Windows Server Agent License as long as production: $6,250.00 Windows Server Agent License as long as development: $3,125.00 Oracle Database server agent License as long as Production: $6,000.00 Oracle Database server agent License as long as Dev: $3,000.00 Total cost as long as this HR Project $88,175.00 These costs are significantly less than the 200,000 to 1 Million dollar pricing per data set as long as other solutions that are available. The Cost to Risk ratio is good as a data loss/compromise can cost millions in legal fees in addition to lost customer or employee confidence.

Concerns about encryptions impact on per as long as mance Data Security Expert delivers high-speed file-level encryption of stored data using a FIPS 140-2 certified AES (128/256-bit) algorithm. Concerns about data beyond the database level Data Security Expert provides file-level encryption because the underlying files in which data is stored is the primary point of attack. Concerns about Administrator Access to Data Data Security Expert’s “separation of duties” feature further restricts access to data by allowing system administrators in addition to root users to maintain the system in addition to backup data, without being able to view the sensitive data. Concerns about Authorized users taking Unauthorized Actions “Context-aware” control means that Data Security Expert grants access only to authorized users per as long as ming authorized operations on authorized applications during specific time windows. Concerns about being able to report on which users have accessed the system The system logs any attempted access to any data by any user –not only authorized access requests, but all attempts to circumvent authorized access channels. Concerns about legal regulations The system is entirely auditable to comply with Sarbanes-Oxley, Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA), HIPAA, CA SB 1386, the EU Data Protection Act, Visa’s CISP in addition to the PCI requirements, in addition to other m in addition to ates regarding the h in addition to ling in addition to protection of in as long as mation. This will secure all HR related data on all levels with minimal per as long as mance impact Database/OS Backup Data Transfers Will allow users to access own HR data securely in addition to blocks access to all unauthorized users Administrators can work on system without seeing confidential data

HIPAA – Confidentiality in addition to integrity controls as long as patient health in as long as mation (PHI) GLBA – Privacy in addition to protection as long as sensitive personally identifiable in as long as mation PCI-DSS – Broadest solution as long as encryption, key management, access control, in addition to audit that uniquely removes roadblocks as long as compliance with PCI encryption requirements SOX – Integrity, access in addition to audit controls as long as financial data plus trade secret protection to reduce risk of Sarbanes-Oxley material events State Breach Notification Laws – Transparent, cost effective encryption to eliminate data breach notification requirements

Hengemuehler, Joe KNXV-TV News Director www.phwiki.com

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