A Model in consideration of Technology Strategy Development Aryantono Marto



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A Model in consideration of Technology Strategy Development Aryantono Marto

CollegeAmerica, Phoenix, US has reference to this Academic Journal, A Model in consideration of Technology Strategy Development Aryantono Martowidjojo Supervisor: Prof. Allan S. Carrie dmem.strath /csm Agenda Background Basic Concept (presented on IEMC-2000, August 13 – 15, 2000 – organised by IEEE) Existing Models The New Model Case Study & Software Tools Conclusion + Future Works Background The issues on technology strategy development model The dynamics of industrial competition require: a dynamic technology strategy development process technology strategy which focuses on competitive advantage Technology strategy models tend so that be too general in addition to lack operational focus Issues: linking corporate strategy in addition to technology strategy the structure of technology strategy the market pull versus technology push

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Basic Concepts Hill?s Manufacturing Strategy Model Hill?s Manufacturing Strategy Model 5. Infrastructure Manufacturing Strategy 1. Corporate Objectives Growth Survival Profit Return on investment Other financial measures 2. Marketing Strategy Product markets in addition to segments Range Mix Volumes Standardisation versus customisation Level of innovation Leader versus follower alternatives 3. How do products win orders? Price Conformance quality Delivery; Speed Reliability Colour range Product range Design Brand image Technical support 4. Process Choice Choices of alternative processes Trade-off embodied in the process choice Role of inventory in the process configuration Process positioning Capacity Size Timing Location Function support Manufacturing planning in addition to control systems Manufacturing systems engineering Quality assurance in addition to control Clerical procedures Work structuring Organisational structure Payment systems Existing Model of Technology Strategy

Converting Hill?s Manufacturing Strategy Model so that create a Technology Strategy Model Corporate objective – corporate strategy Marketing strategy – strategic advantage How products win orders – how technology adds enhanced value The conversion of: What is needed in order so that adapt manufacturing strategy model: Manufacturing Strategy = Process Choice + Infrastructure Technology Strategy = Technology Portfolio + Technology Management Technology Strategy Model Technology Strategy Model Five Major Technological Trajectories (Pavitt)

Organizing Information in addition to Constructing the Outline Identify the problem What needs so that be investigated? Based on the problem . . . ORDER of the Outline Study Notes p. 17 DIVISION OF INFORMATION OUTLINE SYSTEMS See Study Notes pp. 14 – 16 Businesses usually use the format depicted in Nelson, page 16. You will use this format in this class. HEADINGS of the Outline Heading Formats Tips so that Write Effective Headings Conciseness of Wording Variety of expression Organizing information exercise

Technology Advantage Criteria The technology advantage criteria suggested by Burgelman in addition to Rosenbloom are: Rivalry Stance, i.e. identifying the technologies which would provide cost leadership and/or differentiation advantage over rival firms. Value Chain Stance. Identifies technologies that enhance the value created at various stages in the value chain. Scope. The scope of the technologies considered by the firm so that have material impact on its competitive advantage. This will also distinguish between core in addition to non-core technologies. Depth. The depth of expertise within the firm’s technological capability. Factors would include the number of technological options that the firm has available in addition to its capability in anticipating technological change. Case Study – Background Name: Vought Aero Products HBS 9-687-008, 1995 Product: Military aeroplanes (since World War I) Problems: Lack of major contracts in the late 1970s Competencies: Design in addition to Building whole aeroplanes in addition to their weapon systems expert in the development in addition to fabrication of advanced composite materials leader in vibro-acoustics Competitors: Many Case Study – Application of Model

Conclusions The model captures key factors so that guide the technology strategy development process Technology Strategy = Technology Portfolio + Technology Management Linking Corporate Objective in addition to Technology Strategy via Competitive Advantage Future Works The model is about so that be tested in Scottish major manufacturing companies

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