A Review of the Key Stage Four Curriculum Introduction St Bede’s Catholic College What I did at St Bede’s Basis as long as my review

A Review of the Key Stage Four Curriculum Introduction St Bede’s Catholic College What I did at St Bede’s Basis as long as my review www.phwiki.com

A Review of the Key Stage Four Curriculum Introduction St Bede’s Catholic College What I did at St Bede’s Basis as long as my review

Herzog, Blake, Op-Ed Writer, Columnist has reference to this Academic Journal, PHwiki organized this Journal A Review of the Key Stage Four Curriculum By Emma Feggetter Introduction Background In as long as mation Aims of the change to the curriculum Review at St Bede’s Findings Further work St Bede’s Catholic College Smaller than average secondary school Wide Catchment Area In 2007 64 % achieved 5 A-C GCSE grades Specialist Science Status Previous links with the school

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What I did at St Bede’s Observation Participation GCSE coursework Science Week Key Stage Four review Science Week – Demonstration Basis as long as my review General interest in change in curriculum First cohort of students Helped pupils with coursework Useful to the school as long as future reference

History of Science Education Early 19th Century – Science not taught in schools 1904 – Science compulsory in grammar schools 1950s – Science Education needed major re as long as m 1988 – Introduction of the National Curriculum Source: www.cccoe.k12.ca.us/about/Images-About/history/HistSchoolRoom 1988 Education Re as long as m Act – Compulsory education up to 16 National Curriculum divided into four key stages Series of modifications to the existing curricula KS4 Curriculum Dilemma Scientific Literacy versus Science as long as Specialists

New Science Curriculum Seeks to satisfy both – promote ‘scientific literacy’ – prepare young people as long as more advanced study Source: (Millar 2006) Further Aims Integrated 14 – 19 approach More flexible curriculum Greater level of independent learning Ensure entitlement as long as all learners Engaging as long as pupils Set science in a relevant context More appropriate scheme of assessment Finding out staff in addition to student opinion at St Bede’s Pupil Questionnaires – completed by 232 pupils Teacher Surveys – completed by all 8 members of staff Technicians Question Time

Methodology Quantitative in addition to Qualitative Analysis Open Questions Thought Provoking Closed Questions Ability to conduct statistical analysis Anonymity Analysis of the pupils questionnaires 81 % of pupils in years 10 in addition to 11 like science 78 % like the subject matter of the GCSE course Analysis of the pupils questionnaire 70% of year 10 pupils think the course is relevant to everyday life 93 % of pupils in years 10 in addition to 11 would like more practicals

Pupil Comments Explain how the GCSE course is or isn’t relevant to your everyday life: ‘It allows as long as complex in addition to in as long as med opinions to be as long as mulated in addition to expressed about social, cultural in addition to economic subjects.’ ‘We do work about baby care in addition to such other things that we will deal with in everyday life.’ ‘It isn’t relevant because once I leave school I wont need to know these things.’ Pupils Comments Continued How has the GCSE course been different to years 7 – 9 ‘Its more related to issues’ ‘Its more engaged in addition to interesting in addition to more challenging’ ‘You have more independent work in addition to your teachers are there if you need them.’ Analysis of the teacher survey 100 % thought the new course was more relevant to everyday life 100 % thought there were not enough practicals allocated in the scheme of work 100 % thought there were too many discussions

Conclusions Limitations – Data only from one school Satisfies both scientific literacy in addition to science as long as specialists In general, aims of the changes fulfilled More practical work required Potentially too many discussions – Better framework required – More background science My Further Work Compare with St Brendan’s Sixth Form Compare with France Source :www.frenchentree.com/fe-education/images/TeenagersinClassrom.jpg Summary In as long as mation about St Bede’s What I did during my time there Brief History of the Curriculum The aims of the change in curriculum Research methods Findings Further Work

With Thanks to The Staff in addition to Pupils at St Bede’s Tony in addition to Barbara the technicians at St Bede’s Tim Harrison in addition to Dr David Smith Linda Sellou

Herzog, Blake East Valley Tribune Op-Ed Writer, Columnist www.phwiki.com

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