About P&G? Agenda Procter & Gamble Marketing/Brand Management



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About P&G? Agenda Procter & Gamble Marketing/Brand Management

Berklee College of Music, US has reference to this Academic Journal, Procter & Gamble Marketing/Brand Management Meredith Suffron in addition to Amanda Etter 9/12/02 Agenda Provide background on Procter & Gamble Share what brand management is Describe the responsibilities assistant brand managers have Review key skills brand managers exhibit Reminder in consideration of full-time interviewing About P&G? Began as a candle in addition to soap maker in Cincinnati, Ohio when Harley Procter met James Gamble (they married sisters) Invented Brand Management so that lead over 300 brands #2 Advertiser in addition to started the ?soap? opera Now is a $40 billion company alongside over 100,000 employees worldwide Includes 12 brands that are over $1 billion in sales (more than some Fortune 500 companies alone)

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Brand Management/Marketing Goal: Build growing, profitable brand franchises Tide/Ariel Pampers Olay Define in addition to develop brand equity Equity: what a brand stands in consideration of in the mind of consumers, more than competition, over time What does the Neon car stand for? Or McDonald?s? Brand Management Business Analyst Review market results so that identify opportunities Monitor customer growth so that close gaps Ensure profitability in consideration of P&G in addition to customer Work alongside Finance, Product Supply, Research in addition to Development Marketing Manager Develop marketing plans so that reach target consumer Evaluate advertising, packaging, in addition to direct-to-consumer materials Work alongside Market Research, Sales, Finance, Agencies, Research in addition to Development Asst. Brand Mgr. Responsibilities Launch a new product Partner alongside the agency so that develop television, magazine, internet, billboard, radio, sampling in addition to direct mail advertising Lead marketing planning Own in addition to manage the brand budget ($10-$200 million) Analyze the current state of the business so that identify brand opportunities or obstacles Partner alongside the agency so that plan a brand?s media spending ($5-$50 million) Develop competitive defense plans Track volume/sales Partner alongside an agency so that develop public relations plans Train a new hire or intern Develop promotions in consideration of customers (I.e. Wal-Mart, Kroger, etc.)

Career Path Enter as ABM After 2-4 years, may be promoted so that Brand Manager After 3-4 years, may be promoted so that Marketing Director After 4-6 years, may be promoted so that General Manager Weave career alongside ?MDO? positions Customer Marketing Advertising Development Marketing Concentration Top Prospecting Direct-to-Consumer Key Brand Management Skills Leadership Set a vision or goal Align alongside others Energize others so that help you achieve your goal Solutions Creative problem solving Collaboration Work well alongside others so that accomplish goal Manage different points-of-view Full-time Interviews Go so that pg /careers so that fill out survey in addition to submit resume by Sept. 20 We will host a presentation night in consideration of selected students Next, will develop interview preference list Interview the second week of October

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