Accelerated Gradient Method as long as Multi-Task Sparse Learning Problems

Accelerated Gradient Method as long as Multi-Task Sparse Learning Problems

Accelerated Gradient Method as long as Multi-Task Sparse Learning Problems

Jarolim, Edie, Freelance Writer has reference to this Academic Journal, PHwiki organized this Journal Accelerated Gradient Method as long as Multi-Task Sparse Learning ProblemsXi Chen, Weike Pan+, James T. Kwok+, Jaime G. Carbonell Machine Learning DepartmentCarnegie Mellon University+ Computer Science EngineeringThe Hong Kong University of Science & Tech TexPoint fonts used in EMF. Read the TexPoint manual be as long as e you delete this box.: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAContentQ&AConvergence RateMulti-Task Sparse Learning ProblemsExperimental ResultsAccelerated Gradient MethodMulti-Task Learning ProblemsMulti-Task Learning: Combine data from various data sources Potentially exploit the inter-relation among different data

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Multi-Task Learning ProblemsCollection of TasksM linear classifiers Optimization over M tasks jointly:Sparse Multi-Task Learning ProblemsCoefficients as long as a feature (2nd)Coefficients as long as a task (2nd)[Tropp 2006]Solution where only a few features are involved but the involved features will contribute in solving the problems as long as all tasks !Sub-gradient DescentOptimization FormulationSub-gradient method: Convergence Rate :

Gradient update as long as smooth function:Generalized gradient update with non-smooth term:Equivalent View of Gradient DescentNesterov’s Accelerated Gradient Method:Define two alternating sequences in addition to is affine combination of in addition to Per as long as m the generalized gradient update at Special choice of step-size Nesterov’s Accelerated Gradient Method[Nesterov 1983 & 2003] Accelerated Gradient AlgorithmAccelerated Gradient Algorithm

Fast Computation of Generalized Gradient UpdateKey observation: row decomposition: Generalized Gradient Update SubproblemDual Form[J. Duchi et al. 2008]Sorting in addition to thresholding: O(MlogM)ExtensionsConvergence Rate

Comparisons MTL-AGM (Multi-Task Learning – Accelerated Gradient Method)MTL-PGM (Projected Gradient Descent) MTL-FOLOS (Forward Looking Subgradient)Datasets Classification (Letters Dataset) : 8 binary classification tasksRegression (School Dataset): 139 regression tasks (half training , half testing) Experimental Results[A. Quattoni et al. 2009][J. Duchi et al. 2009]Letter Dataset ( =0.01, C=100, weak sparsity)Experimental ResultsHinge loss NOT smooth MTL-AGM Superior Letter Dataset ( =0.05, C=50, strong sparsity)Experimental Results

School Dataset ( =1, C=100, Square Loss, RMSE)Experimental ResultsThank YouGeneralized Gradient Update Sorting & thresholding procedure:Time complexity: O(MlogM)

Jarolim, Edie Jarolim, Edie Freelance Writer

Jarolim, Edie Freelance Writer

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