Admissions & Enrollment Management The Enrollment Equation: E cy =

Admissions & Enrollment Management The Enrollment Equation: E cy =

Admissions & Enrollment Management The Enrollment Equation: E cy =

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Under an Enrollment Management model, the Office of Undergraduate Admissions will take a proactive role in managing the campus’s resources devoted to recruiting, admitting in addition to enrolling students of all undergraduate types to campus. The unit will emphasize in addition to create the expectations as long as the use of research in addition to data to develop recruitment plans in addition to admission st in addition to ards, the maximization of efficiency in addition to return-on-investment in the use of campus resources, in addition to achieving the enrollment goals as long as the new students from headcount, credit hours in addition to budgetary perspectives. The Enrollment Equation:Ecy = Epy + Sn – Sd – Sg Enrollment as long as the Current YearStudents Who DepartedNew Students EnrolledEnrollment as long as the Prior YearStudents Who GraduatedRecruitment’s Role in the EquationEcy = Epy + Sn – Sl – Sg Direct Influence on New Students Indirect Influence on Student Departure in addition to Graduation via Types of Students Recruited

Total New Indianapolis Students = 13,043Graduation: Success in addition to LossPositive enrollment decline, but still a declineMay commencement saw an increase in the number of degrees of 163 (+2.5%)May commencement saw an increase in the number of bachelor’s degrees of 141 (+3.5%)A 2% increase in graduation rate represents 70 students on an incoming cohort of 3,500This is compounded if multiple graduation rates increase simultaneouslyThe Consequences of Meeting Our Graduation Rate TargetsIf we were to reach our graduation rate targets (22%, 50% as long as 4-yr, 6-yr) in addition to our retention target of 80%, we will have a net loss of 105 students on a cohort of 3,500 freshmen. If we do not reach the retention target, the loss will be 389 students.

Factoid to Consider 1Almost 25% of our freshman deposits as long as 2014 are 21st Century Scholars, compared to 20% as long as 2013 in addition to almost double the number deposited as long as 2012. Are we prepared as long as thisFactoid to Consider 2: Our Top HS Are ChangingFall 2012Fall 2014Estimated Market Share

Factiod 2 SummaryWe are not losing market share from our traditional schoolsWe are instead gaining market share at schools that viewed us as a “last resort” in the pastThese schools have larger classes in addition to can there as long as e send larger numbers of studentsThese students will expect a different type of college experienceShifting Application TimelinesMajor Shifts in Freshmen Application Patterns

Major Shifts in Freshmen Admission PatternsKey FactsBy Dec, we had admitted more than 70% of the Fall 2014 admits compared to 50% as long as Fall 2012—more than 7 months prior to the start of classesBy Jan, we had admitted more than 80% of the Fall 2014 admits compared to less than 70% as long as Fall 2012—more than 6 months prior to the start of classesBy Oct, we already had 40% of the Fall 2014 admits—more than 9 months prior to the start of classesIt is likely that we will have 50-60% of our freshman admits completed by the end of Oct as long as Fall 2015!

Scholarships in addition to Financial AidKey Question:Where does IUPUI st in addition to with regard to the aid provided to its students

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The Indiana Market by AbilityThe Indiana Market by AbilityBottom quartile is impacted by admission st in addition to ardsTop quartile is about attraction predominantly about perceived value in addition to scholarships

The Indiana Market by AbilityThe Indiana Market by Ability12,11924,238Key Take-AwaysLess competition as long as the mid-50% of Indiana studentsHowever, this mid-50% will become more diverseCompetition as long as diversity will increaseIUPUI’s distribution best fits that of the statePositions us well as long as enrollment growth, if we can capitalize on itIncreasing competition as long as 75th percentile of Indiana studentsFor IUPUI, this competition will revolve around two aspects:ReputationScholarships

Top Feeder Institutions as long as Fall External TransfersKey Take-AwaysEnrollment at ITCC has stalled, but still remains the largest source of external transfersThere seems to be apparent growth amongst some 4-year collegesBall StateSmaller in-state liberal –arts institutionsThis last point may mean that we are becoming a “second-look” institution where the experience in addition to value doesn’t become apparent until after they “try-out” another institution

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