Adult Vaccines: Vaccines Big Picture Adult Vaccines Pertussis or Whooping Cough

Adult Vaccines: Vaccines Big Picture Adult Vaccines Pertussis or Whooping Cough

Adult Vaccines: Vaccines Big Picture Adult Vaccines Pertussis or Whooping Cough

Bailey, Dan, Online News Editor has reference to this Academic Journal, PHwiki organized this Journal Get vaccinatedA Grown Up Thing To DoAdult Vaccines:Vaccine Are For Everyone, Not Just ChildrenSome adults may not have received vaccines or had the diseaseSome vaccines are specifically recommended as long as adults Some protect against diseases that are more common in adultsSome protect against diseases that can be more serious when adults get themSome are boosters that extend the protection from a disease Most protect the adult in addition to those around them who may be more vulnerableWhy Do Adults Need VaccinesReduces risk of getting diseases like measles, shingles, whooping cough or influenzaEvery year in the US, over 40,000 adults die from diseases that vaccines protect againstAdults are 100 times more likely than children to die of diseases that vaccines can preventNot all vaccines are 100% effective in protecting you from disease, but they do lessen the severitySource: American Society as long as Microbiology & Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

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Adults Are An Important Part Of The HerdIn order as long as communities to have protection against disease, there has to be a high level of vaccinationWith high levels of vaccination, those that cannot be vaccinated benefit from the herd protectionThis herd protection is especially important as long as the very young, the very old, those with cancer in addition to other serious diseasesIf vaccination levels decline, disease reappearsHow do They Work to Protect USVaccinesYour Immune System Specially designed to fight off infections in addition to diseasesHas 2 parts – one that acts quickly in addition to one that provides more long term responsesVaccines work with the long term memory oneWhen you get sick from an infection with a virus or bacteria, you usually do not get that illness again.That is because your immune system which fights diseases have memory Your immune system monitors your body in addition to if the same offender comes back, the immune system recognizes it in addition to kills the virus or bacteria be as long as e it can hurt us.Source: Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

Vaccines in addition to Your Immune SystemVaccines are made with a as long as m of the virus or bacteria that cannot make you sick by using cell parts or weakened cellsWhen you receive a vaccine, your immune system recognizes it as a “bad guy” in addition to goes to work, creating antibodies to fight the disease in addition to storing that in as long as mation.This immune response takes some time in addition to protection is not immediateFor the young, it is often a series to get the best protection For seniors, sometimes their immune system just doesn’t work as well in addition to needs a special or stronger dose to provide protectionIn general, it takes about 2 weeks after a vaccine be as long as e you are protectedTypes of VaccinesUse live, weakened virus“Attenuated”Shingles, chickenpox, MMR, nasal spray flu vaccineUse whole, killed virus or bacteriaFlu shot, Hepatitis AUse a piece of the virus or bacteriaHPV, meningococcal, pneumococcalSometimes it is the poison produced by the bacteria that is the cause of disease so people must be protected from the poison more than the bacteriaTdap

True or FalseYou can get the flu from the flu shotTrueFalseAnswerFalse!The flu shot is made from killed virus so it cannot give you the flu You may feel achy in addition to sore as long as a few days after it as your immune system is working to create antigens against the flu strains in the shotIf you were exposed to a cold or the flu be as long as e getting the flu shot, you can get sick. It takes about 2 weeks as long as the protection to be activePast in addition to present trendsBig Picture

Be as long as e Vaccines .If you are younger than 50, you never had to worry about polio or smallpoxPolio is not gone –still in many countries like Iran in addition to ChinaSmallpox declared eradicated in 1980Diphtheria in addition to whooping cough were major causes of deathMeasles put 20 % of those with measles in the hospitalMeasles – United States, 1950-2007 Measles is making a comeback. Cases in the US are at a 15 year high due to unvaccinated people in addition to international travel.Source: vaccines.govMeasles, US in addition to Virginia, 2002-20112011 data are provisionalSource: Virginia Reportable Disease Surveillance Data – Tables of Selected Reportable Diseases in Virginia by Year in addition to MMWR Summary of Notifiable Diseases

Measles in Virginia, 2008-2011Since 2008, 1 measles case every year.10 cases were unvaccinated, status undocumented in 2Travel or epi-linked to traveler(s) from India, Indonesia, South Africa, France in addition to ItalyDistricts: Loudoun (4), TJ (4), Prince William (3) in addition to Norfolk (1)For Example Measles is one of the most infectious diseases in the world. Most US cases are from international visitors or those traveling abroad More than 90% of people who are not immune will get measles if exposedAccording to the World Health Organization, if vaccinations were stopped, each year about 2.7 million measles deaths worldwide could be expectedWhat the heck do I needAdult Vaccines

Adult Recommended VaccinesEvery AdultInfluenza – annualTdap – 1 boosterYoung AdultHPV Older AdultShingles – 60+Pneumonia – 65+Working with childrenVaricella (chickenpox)Measles, Mumps, Rubella (MMR)TravelersHep A in addition to BMeningococcal Others may be needed – depends on countries visited Adult Recommended VaccinesInfluenza (Flu)Everyone 6 months in addition to older Need every year Viruses change, shift, driftMore serious than you think –kills 3,300-49,000 in addition to hospitalizes 200,000 each yearVery young in addition to very old most likely to be hospitalized in addition to /or die from flu complicationsChildren are the vectors!Vaccine available in nasal spray or shotNew shot types-intradermal (tiny needle) in addition to high dose as long as 65+

Adult Recommended VaccinesVaricella (Chickenpox)For adults who have not had the disease or had 2 doses of vaccineImportant as long as those working with childrenMore serious disease in adults than in childrenVaricella can infect unborn babies during pregnancy, causing birth defects or fetal deathThose who need the vaccine:Adults who have not been diagnosed with chickenpox or had the chickenpox vaccine Adults who have only received a single dose of the chickenpox vaccineAdult Recommended VaccinesMeasles , Mumps in addition to Rubella (MMR)For adults who have not had the disease (born after 1957) or not been vaccinatedImportant as long as those working with childrenMore serious diseases in adults than in childrenMeasles, mumps in addition to rubella (German measles) are all dangerous to unborn babiesAll highly contagiousAdult Recommended VaccinesHuman Papillomavirus (HPV)Women through age 26Men through age 21Over 6 million new infections every yearHPV strains in vaccine protects against 70 % of all cervical cancers in addition to cancer of the anus, penis, mouth in addition to throat Most effective be as long as e sexual activity begins

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Adult Recommended VaccinesZoster or Shingles1 dose after age 60At risk as long as shingles if had chickenpoxPainful rash, often on trunk of body in addition to faceRash follows nerve pathsPain can last as long as months in addition to be severeVaccine recommended even if had shinglesAdult Recommended VaccinesPneumococcal Vaccine1 dose after age 65Protect against many as long as ms of pneumoniaIf medical conditions exist, may receive dose earlier than 65 in addition to need another dose after 65Old Disease, new impactPertussis or Whooping Cough

Pertussis DiseaseInfection that affects the air way, causing spasms of coughing, making it difficult to breath, eat, or drinkKnown as “whooping cough” or the “100 day cough”Infects all people. Most often more severe in infants TransmissionTransmission WHO’S GIVING IT & WHO’S GETTING ITImmunization provides protectionAdults reservoir as long as pertussisInfants susceptible to infectionImmunity decreases in adolescents & adults-302128OnsetIncubation period(max 21 days)Catarrhal stage(1-2 weeks)Paroxysmal stage(1-6 weeks)Convalescent stage(weeks to months)Communicable period (onset to 3 weeks after start of paroxysmal cough) of Pertussis

ResourcesThe National Foundation as long as Infectious Diseases (NFID) has a set of resources as long as adultswww.adultvaccination.orgThe Vaccine Education Center at the Children Hospital of Philadelphia has extensive in as long as mation on all vaccines but has a good booklet on adult as long as -adults/Centers as long as Disease Control in addition to Prevention (CDC) has materials on adult vaccines as well as many Department of Health (VDH) has a special pertussis page on its Immunize Virginia has pertussis flyers that can be downloaded as long as

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