Advising as long as Registration Summer/Fall 2014 IU SOUTH BEND 2013-14 CAMPUS BULLETIN

Advising as long as Registration Summer/Fall 2014 IU SOUTH BEND 2013-14 CAMPUS BULLETIN

Advising as long as Registration Summer/Fall 2014 IU SOUTH BEND 2013-14 CAMPUS BULLETIN

Morandi, Alicia, ‘Contigo’ Editor has reference to this Academic Journal, PHwiki organized this Journal Advising as long as Registration Summer/Fall 2014 Radiography /Medical Imaging Technology Jim Howard– Director, NS 406, Teri Joy– Secretary, NS 403. 574-520-4504. College of Health Sciences Student Services Laurie Richards, Student Services Specialist, NS 456. 574-520-4571. Carrie Cmildoro-Beem in addition to Bennett Tyson , Peer Mentors, NS 368. Chris Nelson, Academic Advisor ( Janet Gilroy, Director ( Sarah Ambler Priebe is out of the office on maternity leave. Sarah’s email in addition to telephone are not being monitored as long as messages.

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Summary of in as long as mation to-date: Registration packet to be mailed on February 28, 2014 in addition to will assist you with checking your Onestart account in addition to choosing General Education Elective requirements. Updates to your Program Plan-of-Study (POS) Pre-requisite Course Sequencing List Policies IU SOUTH BEND 2013-14 CAMPUS BULLETIN

Grade Replacement Policy You may grade replace three courses or a maximum of 10 credit hours. The second grade will be calculated into your cumulative-grade-point-average. You must request Student Services to process paperwork after you have received your grade in addition to successfully completed the repeat. Email, call or stop in. Registrar’s Office processes paperwork can take up to 2 weeks as long as processing depending on time of year. For more in as long as mation refer to IU South Bend Bulletin. You may withdraw from a course online (Onestart) through the 10th week of a semester. Always check the academic calendar. You do not need faculty or advisor signature. There is no refund. You will receive a “W”. Affects of withdrawing: If receiving Financial Aid, withdrawing may impact your aid package in addition to scholarship awards. Always check with F.A. prior to dropping. May place you “out-of-sequence” or push back your application date as long as admission into the Radiography/BSMIT Programs. Choosing Electives

COMMON CORE ELECTIVE REQUIRED FOR Pre-BSMIT ONLY (one 390/399) Please check the faculty General Education Website at: as long as latest listing of courses offered. Remember, you only need to complete one. All other General Education descriptions including approved courses can be found at the above web site. Pre-Rad students take the following general education courses: Math-M111, ENG-W 131, SPCH-S121, NURS-B 105. If you are considering continuing on as long as BSMIT, take AHLT-R185 instead of NURS-B105. It fulfills both degree programs. Pre-BSMIT students in addition to the above courses must take: CSCI-A 106, COAS-Q110, Diversity in US Elective, Critical Thinking Elective in addition to one Common Core Elective at the 390/399 level. For Pre-AS Radiography/BSMIT majors, the Math in addition to Science sequencing of courses is the same: Completion of MATH-M 111, Mathematics in the World, Placement Test at Level 3 or higher. PHSL-P 130, Human Biology, 3 credit hours. PHSL-P 261, Anatomy in addition to Physiology I, (prerequisite PHSL-P 130), 5 credit hours PHSL-P 262, Anatomy in addition to Physiology II, (prerequisite P261), 5 credit hours Plan of Study (POS) AS Radiography (Note: all students earn the AS RAD. Those wishing to complete the BSMIT will then apply to continue on.) Last advisor to review If you think you might pursue the BSMIT at a later date, take AHLT-R 185. Prerequisite as long as PHSL-P 261 If you are a Pre-BSMIT major, in addition to the courses listed, you have the following general education electives to complete prior to getting accepted into the BSMIT portion of the program: CSCI-A 106 COAS-Q110 Critical Thinking Elective Diversity in US Elective Common Core 390/399 Elective (Can choose from N, B, T or A. Once accepted into BSMIT, you will complete an additional 30 credit hours of AHLT courses to complete degree, over the next year. {Note: Ultrasound track has an additional 8 credits over the summer.}

Mr. Jim Howard, Program Director, is happy to meet with you in addition to review the admission process in addition to technical st in addition to ards required of a Radiographer. If you have applied as long as admission as long as fall 2014, you will be advised of the major courses to enroll in once you are accepted into the clinical program. Look at your Plan of Study (POS) in addition to determine list of courses you wish to enroll as long as summer/fall 2014. REFER TO YOUR REGISTRATION MAILING! Check as long as any holds which might prohibit registration. Take care of them! Choose your classes (use the blank scheduling sheet we provided in the mailing). Make sure you have the class number so you can set-up your Onestart registration shopping cart.

Look as long as Negative Service Indicators “holds” which might prohibit registration. All “holds” must be taken care 24-48 hours prior to registration. Check Onestart Account as long as the following: Holds: Financial, Immunization, Advising. Contact the appropriate office as long as resolution. Check as long as your registration appointment. This is your first opportunity to register as long as classes online. It is not an advising appointment. Will provide time in addition to date when your ability to register is active. See Student Services with your questions. You can also email or Sarah Priebe is out-of-the-office on maternity leave. Please do not call or email her, Her phone in addition to email are not being monitored. Set-up your shopping cart with proposed classes. Meet with our advisor, Chris Nelson, who is a specialist as long as Pre-Rad in addition to Pre-BSMIT programs. Register on-time. This will insure first in addition to best opportunity to secure seats in the courses you have selected. If you physically do not know how to register, choose your classes in addition to on your time/date go to the Gateway In as long as mation Center, Main Lobby of the Administration Bldg. in addition to they can assist you with inputting your class selections into the computer. Thank you as long as reviewing. Student Services Hit ESC key to exit presentation

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