Agenda Examining Use Behaviors Phishing Quiz Threats to In as long as mation Security Pra

Agenda Examining Use Behaviors Phishing Quiz Threats to In as long as mation Security Pra

Agenda Examining Use Behaviors Phishing Quiz Threats to In as long as mation Security Pra

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Spends an hour instant messaging every night Clicks “remind me again later” when anti-virus update alerts appear on the screen Often downloads games that are available as freeware Scenario 1 Leaves browser open to monitor sales on Ebay Downloads .pdf files while conducting research online Has latest versions of security software installed Scenario 2 Uses a neighbor’s wireless network as long as Internet access at home Always deletes old e-mail messages to maintain privacy Sometimes provides sensitive in as long as mation to register with sites Scenario 3

What’s New Out There Intended Effects: Clog network traffic May damage files on your computer May cause e-mail servers to crash Worms in addition to Instant Messaging A worm is a self-replicating program that takes advantage of e-mail or IM contact lists to spread from computer to computer. How it works: Computer is usually compromised by a ‘Trojan’ first Hacker sends comm in addition to s to your computer through an open port, turning it into a ‘bot’ Uses the ‘bot’ to send large amounts of useless in as long as mation to target in addition to crash another site What is a Bot A ‘bot’ is a compromised computer that is controlled remotely in addition to is used to attack other sites or to conduct other malicious/illegal activities.

Weather bug Stock updates Free instant messaging (“IM”) software Downloaded files from untrusted sources Music Games News ticker What’s on Your Computer Leave fields blank when possible Give fake in as long as mation Don’t give sensitive in as long as mation or in as long as mation you want to keep private date of birth cell phone number Open a free e-mail account Use a guest log-in if available Avoid freeware from untrustworthy sources Good Habits Any in as long as mation they can get! What are they after

Ring tones Screensavers Imoticons Wallpapers Games In as long as mational programs: weather bug, stock ticker What is Freeware Software that is ‘free’ to download in addition to install. Freeware Reality Not really free May contain adware resulting in annoying in addition to potentially dangerous pop-ups Often contains spyware, trojans, cookies, or other malicious software May not work if spyware or trojans are removed Vendor may sell your product registration in as long as mation Say ‘no’ to attractive packaging Say ‘no, thanks’ to freeware from friends or family Start reading ‘Terms in addition to Conditions’ be as long as e agreeing Stop downloading freeware from unknown or untrustworthy sites Stop giving sensitive in as long as mation in product registrations Good Habits

Trojans – Gather in as long as mation or per as long as m comm in addition to s Worms – Spread through e-mail in addition to IM links or attachments Viruses – Infect executable files (.exe) in addition to have the ability to modify other programs Sniffers – Intercepts routed data, searching as long as in as long as mation (passwords, bank account numbers) transmitted in clear text What is Malware Malicious, self-replicating programs Avoiding unsecure wireless networks Avoiding links sent via e-mail or IM Avoiding ads in the margin of legitimate sites Avoiding sharing your computer with unsupervised children/teens Keeping anti-virus software up-to-date in addition to running Always scanning attachments be as long as e opening Good Habits Who’s Reading Your E-mail

E-mail in addition to IM transmissions are not secure Key-logging software may record what you type Your address is available as long as spamming, phishing, spoofing, in addition to other scams Who’s Reading Your E-mail Keep in mind that it could be read Break-up sensitive communications Delete old e-mails in addition to scrub your computer if you’re discarding it ‘Log-out’ when using a shared computer to check mail Lock your computer when you’re away Share your computer wisely Good Habits Phishing Quiz

YES The domains don’t match The ‘@’ in the link indicates a fake site Check the message header Is it Phish YES Practice Safe Browsing Open a new browser. Use a search engine to find the legitimate site address. Don’t use third party links. Is it Phish NO NO Account number in as long as mation is shown Do you have an account with this company If not, it’s phish. Is it Phish

Hansen, Ben Big Bug News Executive Editor

YES Most charities don’t solicit donations through e-mail. If you want to help, contact the charity directly. Is it Phish Less bad grammar or misspellings Include legitimate logos Include authentic looking privacy or copyright in as long as mation Mirror the appearance of legitimate sites to gain your confidence Phishing Gets Smart To report phishing or other fraud: NUIT Bulk E-mail Archive If you have doubts about an e-mail, go to the source. Don’t be afraid to ask questions! 491-HELP

Threats to In as long as mation Security According to Microsoft, an unprotected Windows PC will attract an unwelcome advance by a security threat within 23 minutes of connecting to the Internet. A 2000% increase in the number of threats detected as long as IM in addition to peer-to-peer networks was reported between 2004 in addition to 2005. Threats increasingly target mobile devices in addition to are increasingly sophisticated. Threats to In as long as mation Security Practicing Avoidance Behavior

Next Tech Talk Laying Down the Law Illegal file sharing, copyright laws, in addition to the Internet Underst in addition to ing copyrights, software licenses, in addition to more! Friday, November 11, 2005 Same locations, Noon – 1 p.m. Please register online:

Hansen, Ben Executive Editor

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