Aim of the Study Background WHO-2004


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Aim of the Study Background WHO-2004

Elms College, US has reference to this Academic Journal, Gender Specific Labour Market needs of Migrant Women-South Indian Nurses (NHS) Giju George Mary Seacole Research Centre WHO-2004 ?The loss of human resources through migration of professional health staff so that developed countries usually results in a loss of capacity of health systems in developing countries so that deliver health care equitably? Background There has always been a shortage of nurses in the UK in addition to the difficulties in retaining them added towards the recruitment crisis4 The number of new nurses joining the NHS needs so that double within 10 years just so that keep staff figures stable 3 Indian in addition to Philippines together account in consideration of 53% of the non EU intake 2. Previous studies on overseas nurses have shown that there is unequal treatment in addition to social injustice faced by them 1

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Aim of the Study To find out the perceptions, expectations in addition to long term plans in consideration of migrating from Kerala ( India) so that the United Kingdom as compared so that other Western countries. To find out if the health needs of professional migrant South Indian women are different from the local South Asian community. India Kerala- Facts Represent 3.1% of Indian population =31.8 M Hindu state, 20% Christians 2.4 India 90% nurses Christian community First state so that elect Communist government

Kerala Cont?. Literacy rate M= 87 Kerala 68.0 India F=91 Kerala 53.6 India Life expectancy M=70 Kerala 59.0 India 74 USA F=74 Kerala 59.4 India, 80 usa Average birth 1.7 Kerala 3.5 India per women Infant mortality 14 Kerala 7 USA per 1000 Reason in consideration of Shortage Nurses from the UK are heading in consideration of Australian, Norway, USA & Gulf. No of midwifes fell from 86,495 in 2002 so that 47,617 2004 Underpaid (USA 48- 50,000 US$) Non flexible hours- Major recruitment drive by US hospitals Drop in nursing enrolment at University? some leaving nursing. Preference- UK Documentation formalities get cleared in six months, compared so that the US around 1.5 years. No exams as compared so that USA ?CGFNS? & high standard of TSE. Most are Diploma nurses, BSc migrate so that USA, Australia in addition to Gulf. œ =79 Re US$=43Re

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Differences in migration 1960 Men in addition to then family Mostly manual labourer English speaking is poor Suffer from CHD, stroke 2001 Women in addition to then men Highly educated Good command of English Depression in addition to isolation, mental health issues Hurdles Faced High level of Racism 1 Dropped in status Working unsocial hours No Social life Huge expectations from family members Lack of career pathways Possibility of using UK as an opportunity so that migrate so that the USA Methodology in consideration of future study Focus groups London, Chelmsford, Norfolk, Manchester 8-10 participants per group Confidentiality assured Tape recorder will be used Requirements Female only, separate groups of BSc in addition to Diploma nursing. Below 30 years South Indian origin

Anticipated Outcomes Identify variation on level of understanding of health needs of young professional migrant women Identify the levels of education in addition to see if there are any differences in their perception of coming so that the UK Identify new risk factors, which were previously underestimated in relation so that migration in addition to health References Alexis, O., Vydelingum, V (2004) The Lived experiences of overseas black in addition to minority nurses in the NHS in the South of England Diversity in Health in addition to Social Care 1:13-20 Bradshaw, P.L (1999) A service in crisis? Reflections on the shortages of nurses in the British National Health Service. Journal of Nursing Management 7:129-32 Market in addition to Opinion Research International (MORI) (2002) Internationally Recruited Nurses Member Study. A Survey of the Royal College of Nursing, Internationally Recruited Nurses Members. London: Market in addition to Opinion Research International. Meadows, S., Levenson, R., Baeza, J (2000) The last straw: explaining the nursing shortage. London: Kings Fund Sen, A (1970) Problems of Overseas student in addition to Nurses. Slough: National Foundation of Educational Research in England in addition to Wales

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