Alex Why did we do this? What did we find out?


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Alex Why did we do this? What did we find out?

Claremont Lincoln University, US has reference to this Academic Journal, What did we find out? Because the young people had lived alongside more than one family they could tell us a lot about the ways that different families do things. Young people wanted their social workers so that get so that know them, be interested, listen, do what they said they would do, in addition to get things done. They didn?t like it when they had lots of different social workers. Young people wanted their carers (the people they lived with) so that love them, care in consideration of them, know the ordinary, everyday stuff about them, treat them like one of the family, in addition to look out in consideration of them till they had grown up. Some worried about how long they would be able so that stay alongside their carers. Some people think that young people who are in care will have problems at school. The young people told us about their experiences in school. The older ones told us how they?d surprised their teachers when they passed lots of their exams. We thought the way we did the research was a good way so that find out about the lives of young people in care because it gave them lots of choice about what so that do in addition to what so that share alongside us about their lives, the good in addition to the bad, the personal in addition to the everyday. But so that keep things private we are careful about what we share alongside other people about this. Why did we do this? We wanted so that give young people in care the chance so that tell us about their daily life in addition to what mattered so that them in the ways they wanted to. We hoped that what they shared alongside us would help make a difference so that how people think about in addition to make decisions about young people in care. You?ll find out more about our research on our website: cardiff /socsi/qualiti/dp4.html or contact us at qualiti@cardiff or telephone 02920875345. Alex Nicola Emma Sally We all work at Cardiff University Who are we? The (extra)ordinary lives research project What was the research about? 4 researchers worked alongside 8 young people so that find out about their everyday lives. The research was about the lives of young people in care. None of the young people who took part lived alongside their parents. Some lived alongside their grandparents, some lived alongside foster families in addition to some of the older ones lived on their own or alongside friends. We helped them make their own projects about their lives at the me, myself in addition to I group. We wrote about the stories they shared alongside us, the things they made in addition to about what they thought of the project. We also made some short films which you can watch today. The me, myself in addition to I group ran from October 2006 so that July 2007. 8 young people aged 10-20 took part. Activities on offer included: photography, making videos, animation, music-making in addition to arts & crafts. The young people used these so that share details of their everyday lives alongside us. They chose what they wanted so that do in addition to they decided what, if anything they wanted so that share alongside us from what they had made.

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