America from AshesPriyanka Shrijay, Kayla Dutton, Nate Westneat, Caleb WhitakerR

America from AshesPriyanka Shrijay, Kayla Dutton, Nate Westneat, Caleb WhitakerR

America from AshesPriyanka Shrijay, Kayla Dutton, Nate Westneat, Caleb WhitakerR

Gardner, Dana, Contributor has reference to this Academic Journal, PHwiki organized this Journal America from AshesPriyanka Shrijay, Kayla Dutton, Nate Westneat, Caleb WhitakerReconstructionThe Reconstruction Era was from 1865 to 1877.The Reconstruction Era was called this because it was the period in which the Union was reconstructing the South. The South was reconstructed economically, structurally, in addition to socially. It also embodied the goal to give rights to freed slaves.The Ten Percent PlanThis plan was issued by Lincoln to readmit Confederate states to the Union.It stated that once ten percent of a Confederate state’s pre-war voters took an oath to the constitution, the state would be readmitted to the Union.The readmitted states were to accept abolition of slavery.In 1864, Congress passed the Wade-Davis Bill. This stated that not ten percent, but fifty percent of pre-war voters had to take the oath as long as a state to be readmitted.

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Lincoln’s AssassinationLincoln was assassinated on April 14th, 1865.The assassin was John Wilkes Booth.Lincoln was assassinated at the Ford’s theatre.He was shot at 10:00pm. Lincoln stayed alive as long as nine hours, then died at 7:22am in the morning.At 11:00am Vice President Andrew Johnson took the oath of office.John Wilkes Booth

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David HeroldAndrew JohnsonAndrew Johnson (1808-1875)Born in South Carolina in addition to moved to TennesseeWhen secession began to occur Johnson stayed loyal to the unionElected as vice president Had trouble with the Radical Republicans

Radical RepublicansThaddeus StevensRadical RepublicanismThe Radical Republicans wanted equal rights as long as freed African Americans immediately after their emancipation.The Radical Republicans controlled Congress between 1854 in addition to 1877Abraham Lincoln was more moderate in addition to disagreed with the motives of Radicals.Even though the goals of the Radical Republicans were out of reach as long as the time period, they had honorable goals that were reached later in history.Goals of the Radical RepublicansGiving freed slaves the right to votePunishment to members of the Confederacy after the warMaking the government help the slaves transition from slaveryKeeping the radical republican party in power after the war

Lincoln’s Goals as long as ReconstructionA spread of Republicanism.Establishing governments in Virginia, Tennessee, Arkansas, in addition to Louisiana that were loyal to the Union.The Ten-Percent Plan.The Thirteenth Amendment being passed.Johnson’s Goals as long as ReconstructionHe had biases against Confederates. These caused him to support trials of Confederates concerning Confiscation Act. He later gave up on this act.Achieve reconstruction within seven months. He cared more about his political power than America, this led to his refusal to acknowledge the original goals of reconstruction.Southern government with caste systems. Black people were treated almost like slaves.His goals had ultimately failed.

13th AmendmentPassed by Congress on January 31, 1865, in addition to ratified on December 6, 1865.The 13th Amendment as long as mally abolished slavery in addition to involuntary servitude in all parts of the United States. Unless Punishment For Crime14th Amendment14th Amendment passed in 1866, ratified in 1868Citizenship in addition to Protection to All Born in the United States. (Not Including Women)Individual States may not shorten or cut down the privileges in addition to immunities of the citizens.People aren’t allowed to take a role in the government, in addition to later on rebel, or help an enemy of the government.

15th AmendmentPassed by Congress February 26, 1869, in addition to ratified February 3, 1870.Gave African Americans the right to vote (not including women).Newly freed African-American men were expected to do just as well as white Americans even though they were still being segregated against.En as long as cement of the AmendmentsBlack Codes13th Amendment- involuntary servitude, cheap labor, in addition to sharecropping.Many rights of African-Americans were not fully protected. There was much harm that came to them as well as the fact that they were taken advantage of. Privileges were abridged. Many white people had disdain as long as the fact that African-American men could vote. This caused anger in addition to eventually, more discrimination.Discrimination made it harder as long as African-American men to do as well as the white ones.

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Freedmen’s BureauProtected the rights of freed slaves.Provided about 20 million rations, three-fourths of which were as long as newly freed slaves.ClothingFuelForty Acres in addition to a MuleSouthern DesolationDevastation caused by the Union to suppress Confederate resistance.Union army burned cities.They Uprooted train tracks.They destroyed plantations in addition to cotton gins. At least four million newly emancipated slaves needed food in addition to shelter ( in addition to were provided as long as once Freedmen’s Bureau was issued in 1865). They worked alongside resentful white people.Black codes

Southern ReconstructionTen Percent Plan in addition to Wade-Davis Bill.Scalawags in addition to Carpetbaggers. Reconstruction government composition in the South.African-AmericansNorthern WhitesSouthern WhitesCongressional ReconstructionStarted in March 1867.They were passing the Reconstruction Acts which divided the ten unreconstructed states (excepting Tennessee because it accepted the fourteenth amendment) into five military districts.Confederate states were readmitted to the Union in addition to considered as long as reconstruction under strict circumstances.Impeachment against Johnson.

In conclusion:The most significant parts about the end of the Civil War were:Lincoln’s AssassinationRadical Republicans in addition to their effect on America from 1865-1877.The Reconstruction Amendments. Made a huge impact on America in addition to changed it as long as ever. The Reconstruction Era as a whole in addition to its events that caused a shift in American history.

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