An Educational Journey Leading to a Career in Science

An Educational Journey Leading to a Career in Science

An Educational Journey Leading to a Career in Science

Conroy, Daniel, Online Manager for Sports has reference to this Academic Journal, PHwiki organized this Journal An Educational Journey Leading to a Career in Science University of Wisconsin—Whitewater April 12, 2010 Curiosity is the Engine that Drives Science United States of America Longmont, Colorado (1984) Longmont Junior High School 7th Grade (1984) Longmont, Colorado 8th Grade (1985) Martin Luther King Middle School St. Petersburg, Florida Lakewood High School 9th &10th Grade (1986 & 87) St. Pete High School 10-12th Grade (1987-89) The Pointer Institute St. Pete Beach Hotels Hao Wah Chinese Restaurant

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Georgia Institute of Technology (1990) Aerospace Engineering Philosophy Chemical Engineering Hoechst Celanese Pathfinder l in addition to ing Chemistry 1997 1990 1994 Peter G. Schultz Andrew Wiles, Princeton Chuck Thacker, UC Berkeley James Gunn, Princeton 1998 Irving Sigal Postdoctoral Fellowship Gary B. Schuster UC Berkeley (1998) 1998 Student demonstration Free expression Andrew Martinez (a.k.a. The Naked Guy) A homeless man The Scripps Research Institute Torrey Pines Golf Course Scripps Black Beach (1999-2001) Miramar Air Station San Diego Naval Station

Publication of the Aging Work Progeria Werner Syndrome Hayley Okines Hayley’s preparing as long as her best friend’s funeral A tribute to children with Progeria Carnegie Mellon University Assistant Professor, 2001 Chemistry Department Research Interests Addressing problems at the interface of Chemistry in addition to Biology, with emphasis on gene regulation in addition to correction

Discovery of the Genetic Codes 1944 1953 1954 2001 DNA Recognition WC base-pairing DNA Double Helix Nucleic Acid Recognition Recognition Frank-Kamenetskii, M.D. Nature, 1987, 328, 17. Groove Binding Triplex-Formation Polydactyl Zinc-Fingers Polyamides Kielkopf in addition to Dervan. Science, 1998, 282, 111. Fregeau in addition to Lown. JACS, 1995, 117, 8917. Hoogsteen pairings Jantz in addition to Berg. Chem. Rev. 2004, 104, 789. Beerli in addition to Barbas. Nat. Biotech, 2002, 20, 135. Pavletich, N. P. in addition to Pabo, C. O. Science, 1991, 252, 809. Lyamichev, V.I., Mirkin, S.M., Frank-Kamenetskii, M.D. J. Biomol. Struct. Dyn. 3, 1985, 327338. Moser in addition to Dervan. Science, 1987, 238, 645. Sun in addition to Helene. Curr. Opin. Struct. Biol., 1993, 3, 34. Thuong in addition to Helene. Angew. Chem. Int. 2003, 32, 666. Caltech team MIT, Johns Hopkins, Scripps teams Paris team

Watson-Crick Recognition of Double-Str in addition to ed B-DNA CMU team Dragulescu-Andrasi, A., Rapireddy, S., Frezza, B. M., Gayathri, C., Gil, R. R., Ly, D. H. J. Am. Chem. Soc., 2006, 128, 10258. Rapireddy, S., He, G., Roy, S., Armitage, B. A., Ly, D. H. J. Am. Chem. Soc., 2007, 129, 15596. Chenna, V., Rapireddy, S., Sahu, B., Ausin, C., Pedroso, E., Ly, D. H. ChemBioChem 2008, 9, 2388. Sahu, B., Chenna, V., Lathrop, K. L., Thomas, S. M., Zon, G., Livak, K. J., Ly, D. H. J. Org. Chem. 2009, 74, 1509. He, G., Rapireddy, S., Bahal, R., Sahu, S., Ly, D. H. J. Am. Chem. Soc., 2009, 131, 12088. The infamous quotes: “If you sleep well at night, you are not doing important science” “There is no second place in science” “If you’ve been to hell, everything else afterward is nirvana” First Impressions on the Job Felt a sense of awe Felt like walking on a tight-rope without the safety net beneath The BIGGEST fear was that I might ruin the lives of these young graduate students & postdocs A Career in Science Industry Academia Pros Com as long as table life (9-5 job) Higher (initial) salary Receive other financial incentives Deliver goods directly to consumers Cons Follow company’s hierarchical rules Work is dictated by profit Job insecurity Pros Academic freedom You are your own boss Opportunity to shape the lives of young people College tuition incentive as long as your children Job security (tenured) Cons Constantly writing grant proposals Work long hours A lot more external obligations

Securing an Academic Job Hiring Stiff competition Selection is based on merit Invitation as long as interview Give a “chalk talk”, m/w colleagues Make an offer to the best c in addition to idate Start-Up Package Laboratory space Start-up account Tenure (5th or 6th yr) (1) Put together a tenure package (PI) -Scholastic achievements -Educational accomplishments -Departmental/university obligations -A list of students in addition to colleagues (2) Dept. solicits letters from students, colleagues both internal & external (natl. & intl.) (3) Departmental level (4) Adhoc tenure committee (5) College level (dept. heads) (6) College deans & Provost (7) Board of Directors (8) President sends out the verdict Philosophy on Education in addition to on Life Students learn best when they are inspired Schooling is about learning on how to learn Tackle each problem with fervor in addition to conviction In life work hard, play hard—NO REGRET Take on personal mis as long as tunes as challenges, not as excuses GRADES will not matter in real life A Measure of Success It’s NOT about fame or as long as tune It’s about finding something in life that you are passionate about It’s about setting milestones in addition to do everything you can to achieve them Even if you don’t succeed, you should be happy knowing that you have given your best Each one of us has different dreams in addition to ambitions My definition of success A hardworking, honest, considerate, in addition to responsible person I strive to be a better person each day than the day be as long as e Live your life according to your principles in addition to values; there’s a proverb in my country that says “At HOME we have separate mothers, but in the FOREST there is only ONE mother” Be a big BROTHER or SISTER to those in need; take them under your wings in addition to provide them with directions in addition to guidance A career goal: Dedicated towards improving human health A personal goal: Restore the hopes in addition to dreams of children around the world

Concluding Remarks The future is a blank slate Find something in life that you are passionate about Mold it, shape it in any which way or as long as m you like Make this world a better place as long as our children to live in The road may be long in addition to treacherous, but you will get there if you are determined Danith H. Ly, Department of Chemistry, Carnegie Mellon University Acknowledgements Collaborators: Professor Bruce Armitage Professor Alan Waggoner Professor Joanne Yeh (Pitt) Professor Enrique Pedroso (Spain) Dr. Gregory Fisher Dr. Marcela Madrid Dr. Roberto Gil Dr. Jennifer Gr in addition to is (UPMC) Dr. Sufi Thomas (UPMC) Dr. Charles Thornton (RMC) Dr. Jerry Zon (ABI) Dr. Kenneth Livak (ABI) Funding: Berkman Faculty Development Fund CMU Innovative Seed Fund Applied Biosystems Head in addition to Neck SPORES (NIH) Lung Cancer SPORES (NIH) National Institutes of Health Postdocs: Miaomiao Wang Srinivas Rapireddy Venugopal Chenna Bichsmita Sahu Graduate students: Peng Zhou Anca Dragulescu-Andrasi (Stan as long as d) Gaofei He Subhadeep Roy (Univ. Colorado) Matthew Craw as long as d Iulia Sacui Raman Bahal Undergraduate students: Lei Due (Penn State) Brian Frezza (Scripps Research Institute) Jihoon Lee (U Florida) Elizabeth Wiltrout (U Chicago) Jesse O’Hara (Princeton) Andy Hsieh (UC Berkeley) Brian Belardi (UC Berkeley) Robert Meehan (Yale) Sheldon Cheung (Caltech)

Conroy, Daniel Arizona Republic Online Manager for Sports

Conroy, Daniel Online Manager for Sports

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