An i>clicker remote is required as long as this course. You can purchase it through the

An i>clicker remote is required as long as this course. You can purchase it through the” width=”620″ height=”400″ /></p>
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An i>clicker remote is required as long as this course. You can purchase it through the

Sorenson, Dan, General Assignment Business Reporter has reference to this Academic Journal, PHwiki organized this Journal An i>clicker remote is required as long as this course. You can purchase it through the bookstore. [The remote or a rebate coupon] may be packaged with your text as long as an additional discount. [Course name] Why are we using clickers Clickers improve my communication with you in addition to your communication with me. Extensive research has shown the value of getting you actively engaged in thinking in addition to figuring out answers to questions- in addition to clickers make this much easier to achieve in a lecture setting. Numerous surveys of students who have completed courses that used clickers to engage students have shown that students enthusiastically support their use in lectures. I ask questions on the screen during lecture. You answer using your i>clicker in addition to class results are tallied. I display a graph with the class results on the screen. We discuss the questions in addition to answers. You get points as long as participating in addition to /or answering correctly! I can also ask questions anonymously. How will we use the clicker

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Turn on the clicker by pressing the bottom “On/Off” button. A blue “Power” light will appear at the top of the remote. When I ask a question in class ( in addition to start the timer), select A, B, C, D, or E as your vote. I may also ask you to talk about your possible choice/answer with your neighbor or in groups. How do you vote Check your “Vote Status” Light: Green light = your vote was sent AND received. Red flashing light = you need to vote again. Not sure you saw the light Just vote again. Want to change your vote You can vote again as long as the timer is still going. How do you know your vote was received You can earn points as long as your i>clicker responses as long as participation in addition to /or answering questions correctly. Until you register your i>clicker, your responses are tied to your clicker remote ID (located on the back of your clicker), rather than to you. When you do register, your previously recorded voting responses will be assigned to you. Registering your i>clicker

Go to Click “REGISTER.” Enter these 4 details in addition to click “submit.” IMPORTANT!! You MUST enter your [instructor, enter specific ID name here] ID in the STUDENT ID field to ensure proper crediting. Registering your i>clicker online at Your name/ID will scroll down the screen. When you see your name or ID, press the letter shown beside it. Another letter will then appear. Press that second letter. You are registered! Registering your i>clicker in class We are using a different frequency than the default as long as this class. The frequency we are using is [BA]. At the beginning of each class: Hold your On/Off button as long as 2 seconds. The blue Power Light will flash. Enter [frequency] Your “Vote Status” light will turn green after you’ve entered this new frequency. Your frequency is now changed as long as the duration of the lecture & you may vote. When you turn off your remote, it will return to the default frequency of AA. Changing your frequency

Other tips If you bought a used clicker, replace the AAA batteries-all of them. Do not use Duracell as they are TOO short as long as the casing. Do not use rechargeable batteries. They harm the clicker. Register your clicker by [X date]. Be as long as e using a new clicker as long as the first time, pull the plastic tab out of the battery compartment. Bring your clicker to class every day! Make sure your remote is on when voting! Do not submerge your clicker in liquid in addition to avoid liquid near the clicker. Like most electronics, liquid + your clicker is a bad combination. Check out as long as FAQs. Contact as long as help.

Sorenson, Dan Arizona Daily Star General Assignment Business Reporter

Sorenson, Dan General Assignment Business Reporter

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