Anthropology 308 Women, Sex Roles in addition to Culture Dr. Siemens Office-Sierra Hall 240

Anthropology 308 Women, Sex Roles in addition to Culture Dr. Siemens Office-Sierra Hall 240

Anthropology 308 Women, Sex Roles in addition to Culture Dr. Siemens Office-Sierra Hall 240

Barr, Michael, Contributing Editor has reference to this Academic Journal, PHwiki organized this Journal Anthropology 308 Women, Sex Roles in addition to Culture Dr. Siemens Office-Sierra Hall 240B Office Telephone (818) 677-4632 Office Hours Monday, Wednesday 11-12:30 Tuesday, Thursday 11-11:30 through November 8 in addition to by appointment Email 3×5 Card Name Reason as long as Class Previous Anthropology Email Address Anything else you want Dr. Siemens to know about you in addition to your interests. THE SCOPE OF ANTHROPOLOGY What anthropologists have you heard of What did they study

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Harrison Ford as fictional Indiana Jones Mary Leakey Discovered Oldest Footprints Louis Leakey found fossil humans

Jane Goodall was first to study chimpanzees in the wild. Jane Goodall still works as long as Chimpanzee conservation. Dian Fossey was first to study gorillas in the wild.

Sigourney Weaver as Dian Fossey Margaret Mead with Samoan Girls Deborah Tannen

David Maybury-Lewis(right) Host of PBS series Millenium” Also founder of the human rights group “Cultural Survival” Anthropologists You may have Heard of Indiana Jones Mary Leakey Louis Leakey Jane Goodall Dian Fossey Margaret Mead Deborah Tannen David Maybury-Lewis Explore Ruins (fictional) Fossil Hunter Fossil Hunter Chimpanzees Gorillas Samoan Girls Women in addition to Men Talking Xavante Rights Fictitious anthropologist Anthropologists in the News Anthropologists contribute to American society as well as to the international community of scholars

Helen Fisher Studies Brains in Love Neurotransmitters Serotonin (low) Norepinephrine (maybe) Testosterone (lust) Dopamine (novelty) Vasopressin (Male attachment) Oxytocin (Female attachment) Considers three types of love Romantic Lust Attachment Antidepresents may inhibit love LA Times, July 30, 2007 Jeanne Arnold Studies Middle Class Los Angeles Residents Middle Class spend a lot on yards in addition to don’t use them Two wage earners don’t have leisure time LA Times August 19, 2007 Arnold is also an expert on Chumash. Frederick Kyalo Manthi discovered the most recent habiline 1.5 mya Habilines must not be ancestral to our species since ancestral erectines appear 1.8 mya LA Times 8-9-07

Kuhn & Stiner say Ne in addition to ertals lacked sexual division of labor That would establish sexual division of labor as distinctive of our recent evolutionary grouping Philadelphia Inquirer April 2, 2007 Ne in addition to er-tals were coed hunters Steven L. Kuhn Mary C. Steiner Sam Dunn used anthropological training in heavy metal documentary Takes holistic view: religion, gender, social, global in addition to historical perspectives. Main obstacle was convincing artists he was sympathetic. Metal artists gave thoughtful responses. Some appeared hostile on camera but friendly off camera. Anthropological approach was not first choice. Chicago Tribune 4-14-06

Anthropologists in the News Helen Fisher Jeanne Arnold Frederick Kyalo Manthi Sam Dunn Brain Biochemistry of Love Los Angeles Middle Class Homes Fossil human-like species of a couple million years ago Heavy metal music Other Prominent in addition to Notable Anthropologists Franz Boas (Father of American Anthropology)

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Marjorie Shostak in addition to star in as long as mant, Nisa !Kung people Elinor Ochs Madagascar in addition to Samoa languages UCLA Center on Everyday Lives of Families William Rathje Garbology

Claude Lévi-Strauss Kinship in addition to Myth Jomo Kenyatta Kikuyu in addition to Kenya’s First President Birute Galdikas Orangutans

Ethnocentrism vs. Cultural Relativism in Methodology All humans are inherently ethnocentric. Culture supplies us with values which we need. The basis of ethnocentrism is application of values to people who do not share them. Applying outsider’s values usually leads to conclusion of outsider superiority. Cultural relativism avoids applying outsider values. Suspending judgment is necessary as long as underst in addition to ing. Evaluation of cultural practices should be in terms of values of the actors. Values are relative but truth need not be. Science seeks explanations through observation Observations are made intersubjective by careful procedures. Ethnocentrist vs. Relativist Masai culture is inferior to American culture since a Masai man may have several wives. Bena Bena culture is inferior to American culture because people touch genitals in greeting. Masai value multiple wives. Bena Bena value touching genitals.

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