Application of a decision theatre concept to the development of an agent-based m

Application of a decision theatre concept to the development of an agent-based m

Application of a decision theatre concept to the development of an agent-based m

Sims, Robert, Internet Editor has reference to this Academic Journal, PHwiki organized this Journal Application of a decision theatre concept to the development of an agent-based modelCatherine Bale, Ruth Bush, Katy Roelich, Jonathan Busch in addition to Mark Powell Policy Modelling in Practice, CRESS Workshop8th December 2014OutlineContext – policy relevant research questionsDecision theatre methodology1st Workshop2nd WorkshopInsights from methodologyDiscussionDistrict heating38 per cent of all CO2 emissions are from heat-related activitiesWe spend around £33 billion annually on heatFuel poverty is a key concern Around 80% of our dem in addition to as long as heat is supplied by natural gas

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Agents in the heat systemLocal authorities have a key role to play, but host of other agents involved.What policies could enable local authorities to develop district heatingDecision theatreOriginally developed in Arizona State University, in addition to used by Newcastle University to look at flood risk management.Prototypes as long as making decisions in the face of uncertainty.Actively engages researchers in addition to leaders to visualise solutions to complex problems.Uses data visualisation, modelling in addition to simulationReferences:ARIZONA STATE UNIVERSITY, Decision theatre network,, C. L., GLENDINNING, S., DAWSON, R. J., ENGLAND, K., MARTIN, M., WATKINS, C. L., WILSON, R., MCLOUGHLIN, A., GLENIS, V. & PARKER, D. 2013. Collaborative plat as long as m to facilitate engineering decision-making. Proceedings of the ICE-Engineering Sustainability, 166, 98-107.Decision theatreWorkshop 1 – Oct 2014‘Pre-decision’ theatre – to identify actors, decision process as long as model development.Workshop 2 – Spring 2015Decision theatre – to use the model with stakeholders.Used to explore the district heating development process

Workshop 1 – AimsFor participants:Sharing in addition to learning across different perspectivesOpportunity to reflect on their organisation’s work with district heatingFor us:Contribute to research in addition to development of ABMAnalysis of policy in addition to development processes as long as district heatingChatham house rulesWorkshop 1 – ParticipantsLocal stakeholders:Workshop 1 – Participants

Workshop 1 – ActivitiesWorkshop 1 – FeedbackWorkshop 2 – PlansNew decision theatre suit as part of Newcastle University’s Science Central.Participants will use ABM in addition to other decision-support tools to explore policy interventions.

InsightsValue to participants as well as researchers – space to step back from day-to-day.Early engagement in model development – test framework.Participants on board as long as next workshop:More faith in the model having been through processPre-decision theatre as useful (more so) as final decision theatreDecision theatre concept has clear benefits as long as policy-relevant social simulation -> incorporating participatory modelling.DiscussionUse of decision theatre methods in policy-making context Thank you as long as your attention! Contact: Twitter: @EnergyFrin Website:

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