Are all students at the heart of the system? Higher Education under the Coalition:


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Are all students at the heart of the system? Higher Education under the Coalition:

Columbia Southern University, US has reference to this Academic Journal, Higher Education under the Coalition: Are all students at the heart of the system? Kate ByfordBrunel University OutlineOverview of Coalition policy changes Implications in consideration of higher education (HE) institutions Implications in consideration of students PhD ResearchCollation developmentsWhite Paper: Students at the heart of the system ?a more responsive higher education sector in which funding follows the decisions of learners in addition to successful institutions are freed so that thrive. more responsive so that student choice, that provides a better student experience in addition to that helps improve social mobility.? (BIS 2011:8)

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Student numbers Implications in consideration of institutionsControl Competition Course portfolioStudent ?package? – KISCost reduction in addition to ?low wastage?Uncertainty .Implications in consideration of studentsShifting role ?Active? consumersCo-producers ChoiceInformation ResourcesSkills AccessUncertainty .

PhD ResearchThe impact of tuition fees on students? HE choices How are students deciding whether so that go HE? How are students deciding which institution so that attend?How are students rationalise their decision making?Methodology Mixed methodsQuestionnaire Interviews Sample1st year under-graduates Ages 16 ? 18Schools in addition to Colleges in Greater London

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