Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdin in addition to

Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdin in addition to

Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdin in addition to

Meghee, Kimberly, Managing Editor has reference to this Academic Journal, PHwiki organized this Journal How Technology Changed the Face of the WarReadings: Smith, et al., 891-902 WHY GLOBAL WAR IN 1914Break of Multi-national EmpiresIntense NationalismSocial DarwinismYellow JournalismArms Race in addition to Rise of Armaments IndustryNew Weapons

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New Weapons (continued)Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdin in addition to Serbian nationalism is a big problem then in addition to nowWho FoughtEngl in addition to , France, Belgium (neutral but attacked), Russia, Serbia, Italy, Rumania, U.S., Japan, China, in addition to BrazilAustria-Hungary, Germany, Bulgaria, in addition to the Ottoman EmpireBattlefronts

Western front in addition to TrenchesLusitania How World War I ends:All European powers worn down—millions of casualties, millions of mutilated men British blockage leads to famine conditions in Germany in addition to Austria-HungaryGermans believed they had to resume u-boat attacks

US Enters the War:Germans feel they have to renew unrestricted submarine warfare to end British blockade or morale will be totally ruinedZimmerman Telegram in addition to U.S. – Mexico RelationsApril 1917, Woodrow Wilson asked Congress to declare war.Ludendoff Offensive in March 1918 Germans defeated 11 of November 1918Casualties of World War IGreat Britain: 947, 000 dead; 2,122,000 woundedFrance: 1,385,000 dead; 3,044,000 woundedRussia: 1,700,000 dead; 4,950,000 woundedItaly: 460,000 dead; 947,000 woundedUS: 115,000 dead; 206,000 woundedGermany: 1,808,000 dead; 4,247,000 woundedAustrio-Hungarian Empire: 1,200,000 dead; 3,620,000 woundedOttoman Empire: 325,000 dead; 400,000 wounded

Meghee, Kimberly Square Foot Magazine Managing Editor

Meghee, Kimberly Managing Editor

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