Assets, Poverty Traps in addition to Rights Asset-Based Poverty Evolving Views of Poverty Asset-Based View of Poverty

Assets, Poverty Traps in addition to Rights Asset-Based Poverty Evolving Views of Poverty Asset-Based View of Poverty

Assets, Poverty Traps in addition to Rights Asset-Based Poverty Evolving Views of Poverty Asset-Based View of Poverty

Montgomery, Ben, Life Editor has reference to this Academic Journal, PHwiki organized this Journal Assets, Poverty Traps in addition to Rights USAID Seminar Series: Natural Resource Management in addition to Poverty Reduction Chris Barrett Cornell University December 9, 2004 Washington, DC Asset-Based Poverty Assets underpin the generation of income in addition to self-insurance against adverse shocks the foundation of livelihoods Five main types, 0/w three key as long as the poor: Financial Human Natural Physical Social Evolving Views of Poverty Successive generations of poverty analysis 1st: static income/expenditure analysis (headcount, poverty gap, FGT measures) 2nd: dynamic income/expenditure analysis (chronic/transitory poverty distinction) 3rd: static asset poverty analysis (structural/stochastic poverty distinction)

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Asset-Based View of Poverty Transitions Stochastic churning (B to u(A’’)) from Poverty: Structural via accumulation (A’ to A”) Structural via higher returns (u(A’) to C) An Emerging 4th Generation View Stable, dynamic equilibrium (SDE) below asset poverty line a “poverty trap” Commonly, multiple SDE with locally increasing returns in addition to nonlinear asset dynamics investment, natural dynamics in addition to shocks matter a great deal Fractal patterns – can exist at multiple scales The Possibility of Poverty Traps From Carter in addition to Barrett (2004) The Poverty Trap The Critical Dynamic Asset Poverty Threshold

Relevance to NRM S-shaped natural asset dynamics st in addition to ard: – biological recruitment (livestock, wildlife, as long as ests) – soil nutrient depletion/repletion (shifting cultivation, transhumance) Agriculture embodies asset portfolio rebalancing: NRM practices, harvests, etc. exchange natural – human – financial – social capital constantly. Multiple equilibria in managing commons: meso-scale (geographic) poverty traps due to coordination problems (l in addition to , water, as long as est, wildlife, pests) Relevance to NRM NRM is an investment choice – crucial to reducing rural poverty as well as to conservation – Five “ins”: Investment depends on incentives, institutions, in as long as mation in addition to infrastructure (Barrett, Place in addition to Aboud 2002) Inherent complementarity of different types of assets in addition to among the “ins” Relevance to NRM Cautionary tale of market-based conservation in addition to development in Morocco’s argan as long as est

Rights matter to – Access to in addition to control over natural assets Ability to defend against asset loss (asset stripping, raiding) Incentive to invest in natural asset growth (tree planting, SWC structures, fallowing) shifts the dynamic asset poverty line Propensity to mis-/over-use of resources En as long as cing rules: 2nd order public good Rights in addition to Poverty Dynamics Natural Resources in addition to The Poverty Reduction Challenge Context-specific, multi-dimensional asset thresholds that separate growth / decline natural assets are especially crucial as long as rural poor Climbing out of poverty traps in addition to keeping the non-poor out of poverty traps requires: – increase productivity of assets (markets/technologies) – facilitate asset building in addition to protection (cargo/safety nets) – remove exclusionary mechanisms (finance/social networks/rights systems) Thank you!

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