Bacterial Biofilms as a Complex Community Tracy K. Teal D. K. Newman in addition to B. J. W

Bacterial Biofilms as a Complex Community Tracy K. Teal D. K. Newman in addition to B. J. W

Bacterial Biofilms as a Complex Community Tracy K. Teal D. K. Newman in addition to B. J. W

Ficker, Jeff, Managing Editor has reference to this Academic Journal, PHwiki organized this Journal Bacterial Biofilms as a Complex Community Tracy K. Teal D. K. Newman in addition to B. J. Wold Labs Complexity Club August 13, 2003 What is complexity What is a good quantitative measure of complexity No theoretical discussion of complexity. Introduction to biofilms Complexity in biology, such as functional, structural in addition to hierarchical complexity in addition to some of the implications of complexity in adaptation. Complexity What is a biofilm Bacteria that are attached to a surface in addition to as long as m a 3-dimensional structure, held together by an extracellular polymeric substance

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Biofilms in the environment Biofilm as long as mation in addition to growth Quorum sensing in addition to chemical signaling Microcolonies with extracellular matrix Network of channels Cells experience different environmental conditions Multi-species O2 Given the heterogeneity of the environment, how is the biofilm community structured There is a strong relationship between the cell’s environment in addition to its physiology in addition to structure. Science News Biofilms as long as m Nutrient levels decrease towards the center Variety of environmental niches as long as m Biofilm as long as mation in addition to growth

Relationship between biofilm morphology in addition to the environment How are biofilms differentiated O2 Given the existence of many micro-environments, how is the biofilm organized with respect to metabolism Shewanella oneidensis strain MR-1 facultative anaerobe versatile respiration gram negative MR-1 genome is sequenced in addition to can be manipulated genetically

Promoter regions Unstable fluorescent proteins Microscopy Design concept Use reporter systems consisting of promoter regions fused to fluorescent proteins to indicate regions of differing metabolism within a biofilm Use oxygen respiration as indicators of the cells metabolic state O2 What is complexity “Structural” complexity: Number of different parts in addition to their interactions “Hierarchical” complexity: Number of levels in a hierarchy “Functional” complexity: Number of different functions an organism can per as long as m, or Computational capacity of an organism (or device), the maximal mutual entropy between input signals in addition to output actions. “Sequence” complexity Dr. Adami – Complexity Club, Jan 21, 2003 How is a biofilm complex Complex cell-cell interactions Effects of environmental conditions on biofilm morphology in addition to physiology. Multiple parameters exist in addition to their effects are difficult to predict. More “complex” than planktonic cells Microenvironment (chemical signals, nutrient conditions) -> complex regulatory networks -> change in physiology or metabolism -> affects environment

Who cares How is it useful How might thinking about complexity in biofilms systems be useful Adaptation in addition to complexity Does the complexity of the system allow it to be more adaptable or resilient Are there complexity measures that could allow us to predict how resilient a biofilm would be Would decreasing the complexity of a biofilm cause it to be more susceptible to environmental influences Important to keep in mind when working with biofilm systems

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