Banking Example 1 ODL Object Definition Language


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Banking Example 1 ODL Object Definition Language

Armstrong University, US has reference to this Academic Journal, Object Definition Language CORBA ODMG ODL (design OQL (queries ODL Relational design OODMBS input Design language derived from the OO community: Can be used like E/R as a preliminary design in consideration of a relational DB. ODL Class Declarations interface < name > {elements = attributes, relationships, methods } Element Declarations attribute < type > < name > ; relationship < rangetype > < name > ; Method Example float gpa(in: Student) raises(noGrades) float = return type. in: indicates Student argument is read-only. Other options: out, inout. noGrades is an exception that can be raised by method gpa. Banking Example 1 customer loans branch borrower Belongs-to Customer-of Ss# name amount loandid branchid location type address Keys: ss#, loanid, branchid Cardinality constraint: each loan belongs so that a single branch

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Banking Example (II) interface Customer { attribute string name; attribute integer ss#; attribute Struct Addr {string street, string city, int zip} address; relationship Set borrowed inverse Loans::borrower; relationship Set has-account-at inverse Branch:patrons; key(ss#) } Structured types have names in addition to bracketed lists of field-type pairs. Relationships have inverses. An element from another class is indicated by < class > :: Form a set type alongside Set. Loans Example (III) interface loans { attribute real amount; attribute int loanid; attribute Enum loanType {house, car, general} type; relationship Branch belongs-to inverse Branch::loans-granted; relationship Set borrower inverse Customer::borrowed; key(loanid) } Enumerated types have names in addition to bracketed lists of values. Bank Example (IV) interface Branch { attribute integer branchid; attribute Struct Customer::Addr location; relationship Set loans-granted inverse Loans::belongs-to; relationship Set patrons inverse Customer::has-account-at; key(branchid); } Note reuse of Addr type.

ODL Type System Basic types: int, real/ float, string, enumerated types, in addition to classes. Type constructors: Struct in consideration of structures in addition to four collection types: Set, Bag, List, in addition to Array. Limitations on Nesting Relationship class collection Attribute collection struct Basic, no class ER versus ODL E/R: arrow pointing so that ?one. ODL: don’t use a collection type in consideration of relationship in the ?many” class. Collection type remains in ?one.? E/R: arrows in both directions. ODL: omit collection types in both directions ODL only supports binary relationship. Convert multi-way relationships so that binary in addition to then represent in ODL create a new connecting entity set so that represent the rows in the relationship set. Problems handling cardinality constraints properly!!

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Roles in ODL No problem; names of relationships handle roles.? interface employee { attribute string name; relationship Set manager inverse Employee::worker; relationship Set worker inverse Employee::manager } employee works in consideration of manager worker Subclasses in ODL Subclass = special case = fewer entities/objects = more properties. Example: Faculty in addition to Staff are subclasses of Employee. Faculty have academic year (9 month salaries) but staff has a full-year (12 month salary). ODL Subclasses Follow name of subclass by colon in addition to its superclass. interface Faculty:Employee { attribute real academic-year-salary; } Objects of the Faculty class acquire all the attributes in addition to relationships of the Employee class. Inheritance in ODL in addition to ER model differ in a subtle way in ODL an object must be member of exactly one class in ER an object can be member of more than one class

Keys in ODL Indicate alongside key(s) following the class name, in addition to a list of attributes forming the key. Several lists may be used so that indicate several alternative keys. Parentheses group members of a key, in addition to also group key so that the declared keys. Thus, (key(a1; a2; : : : ; an )) = ?one key consisting of all n attributes.” (key a1; a2; : : : ; an ) =?each ai is a key by itself. Keys are not necessary in consideration of ODL. Object identity in addition to not keys differentiates objects

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