Benefits of peer observation Defining peer observation Peer Observation in addition to CPD


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Benefits of peer observation Defining peer observation Peer Observation in addition to CPD

California School of Professional Psychology – Fresno, US has reference to this Academic Journal, Peer Observation in addition to CPD Deborah Davys & Viv Jones Harrogate 2008 Defining peer observation A form of peer review within teaching practice Where colleagues observe each other’s practice so that provide feedback in addition to discussion that will promote reflection Similar so that concepts of peer support in addition to peer review within the practice setting Benefits of peer observation Supports the identification of strengths in addition to developmental needs Facilitates the development of an action plan in consideration of improvement Reviews professional reasoning skills Promotes self-confidence Motivates self-directed learning Benefits observed in addition to observer

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Relevance of peer observation so that practice Can be used so that promote reflection, enhanced professional reasoning, self-awareness, avoid ritualistic practice in addition to improve quality of practice in all areas of occupational therapy practice: Clinical setting Management Education Group task: In groups of 5/6 delegates please discuss the following: How do you currently receive feedback on your practice? How is feedback on your practice incorporated into your CPD? Has your practice ever been observed by a peer, if so, what was the process in addition to what were the positive/negatives of this? If you have not had your practice observed, what is your initial reaction so that this idea, what do you think could be the positives/negatives of such a process? Peer Observation A suggested approach

Summary: Select an observer Agree what will be observed/ commented on Observation Reflection Feedback (Follow up) Selecting your observer Who should this be? How much experience does the observer need? What qualities /skills should observer have? Unilateral or mutual approach? Agree what will be observed / commented upon Agree in advance: ?Big picture? or specific skills /behaviour? Ground rules What happens if the observer has professional concerns? How feedback will be given Seek consent if clients involved

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The observation: Explain process so that client/others Observer takes no active role in session Informal notes or use of agreed form How long should it last? Reflection Observed person only? Or both parties? Format? How much time allowed? Feedback Private Recorded/ not recorded?

Follow up The future: One-off event? Mutual arrangement? Different partnerships? Departmental approach or individual arrangement ? Group task In groups of 5 or 6 please consider: what ground rules you would like, in addition to why Peer observation in addition to your own practice: Does it have a potential place in your own cpd strategy? What might be the barriers in addition to opportunities? How will you take peer observation forward?

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