Bibliography/Reference management software Managing references using EndNote resources Managing references using

Bibliography/Reference management software Managing references using EndNote resources Managing references using

Bibliography/Reference management software Managing references using EndNote resources Managing references using

Bershear, Elizabeth, Contributor has reference to this Academic Journal, PHwiki organized this Journal Bibliography/Reference management software Citations & bibliographyTwo places to cite the references you have usedIn-text citation (within a sentence) Bibliography/References (at the end of the document)author-dateCitation styles ( systemE.g. APA style (American Psychological Association)Numerical systemE.g. ACS style (American Chemical Society)E.g. AIP style (American Institute of Physics)In-text citationBibliography

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Managing references usingVideoEndNoteA software thatStores in addition to organises references from many sourcesInserts these references in a Word documentFormats references automatically according to a predefined citation styleOnline Guide (

EndNote installation as long as PCContact NUS IT Care (x62080, installation as long as MacEmail software administrator as long as instructionsCreate your EndNote libraryLaunch EndNote programFile menu > New > filename.enlSaveE.g.pc5198.enl pc5198.Data

Ways to add references to EndNote libraryEndNote LibraryMethod 1: Direct exportExport references directly from a databaseStepsSelect records requiredLook as long as an option to save/output/export/send to EndNote (sometimes labeled as “RIS as long as mat”) Click “Open” to download records to EndNote library DatabasesWeb of ScienceFindMoreGoogle ScholarMethod 2: Online searchSearches free databases in addition to library catalogues within EndNote (e.g. our library catalogue, Library of Congress)StepsGo to Online Search Mode > MoreSelect a free database or catalogue, e.g. NATL U of SingaporeIn the online search pane, search by exact title of bookCopy the reference to Local Library Mode

Method 3: Import PDFsExtracts references from PDF files. PDFs must contain a Digital Object Identifier (DOI) in addition to is not a scanned document.Steps File menu > Import Choose either File or FolderChange Import Option to PDFNoteIf the author, title, journal, etc, fields are not auto-populated, then the PDF is of the incorrect as long as matMethod 4: Manual InputtingLink to the video:

Method 5: Import FileRequires saving references selected as a text file (.txt) in addition to importing it to EndNote library using an appropriate filterUsed as long as very few databases, e.g. Factiva, where the references cannot be exported to EndNote library directlyRefer to EndNote LibGuide > Importing references as long as the specific stepsNo limit to the number of references in each library but < 100,000 is recommendedAlways move/copy/rename/delete both the main .enl file & associated .Data folder together Always make a backup copySave as a compressed library (.enlx) as long as larger filesTipsGroups provide a useful way of organising the references into subsets as long as easy viewingRemove duplicates References > Find duplicatesTips

EndNote LibraryEndNote toolbar in MS WordMethod 1: Find Citationa. EndNote X6 tab: Insert citation > Find Citationb. Search as long as a word in any field (e.g. title, author)c. Select the reference(s) > Insert into your paperMethod 2: Insert Selected Citation(s)In EndNote library, select the reference(s)Go to Word in addition to place cursor at insertion pointClick on Insert Citation > Insert Selected Citation(s)Insert citations

Edit & remove referencesa. Remove a citation if you no longer want to cite it. Edit a reference here instead of changing it manually on the Word document.b. Use this to exclude author or year in the in-text reference, or add page number.Change style & create a bibliographyTo change the citation styleStyle > Select Another Style To create a bibliography sectionClick on bottom right corner of Bibliography group > Layout > Bibliography titleType “References”Field shading setting in WordTop left corner: Drop down arrow > More Comm in addition to s > Advanced > Show document content > Field shading > change to “Always”

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Back up your libraryMethod 1: Save a copyFile > Save a Copy Creates an exact copy of the EndNote library & its associated folder, e.g. Method 2: Compress libraryFile > Compressed Library Saves the .enl file in addition to .Data folder as a compressed file, e.g. To restore, File > Open > Open Library Travelling libraryCreates an EndNote library (new) from the references used in a paperEndNote X6 Tab > Tools Group > Export to EndNote > Export Traveling LibraryConvert to plain textEndNote X6 tab> Bibliography group > Convert Citations in addition to Bibliography > Convert to Plain TextSave the plain text Word document created (with no field codes) under a NEW nameKeep the original document with the field codes as your master fileRemove field codes be as long as e sending document to a publisher

EndNote vs EndNote Web ( EndNote resourcesNUS Libraries GuideEndNote GuideThomson ReutersEndNote X6 Online User Guide (PDF or HTML) Endnote Training YouTube Channel EndNote Updates Output Styles Connection Files Microsoft Word Templates Frequently Asked QuestionsManaging references using


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