Bloodshed in addition to Persuasion Questions Ulysses S. Grant Questions Questions

Bloodshed in addition to Persuasion Questions Ulysses S. Grant Questions Questions

Bloodshed in addition to Persuasion Questions Ulysses S. Grant Questions Questions

Gilbertson, Scott, Contributor has reference to this Academic Journal, PHwiki organized this Journal Bloodshed in addition to PersuasionBy: Carson, Thomas, Marc, in addition to Connor The Turning point of the Civil WarThe Gettysburg Address- Lincoln Delivered the Gettysburg Address on November 19th 1863 in the town of Gettysburg.- Lincoln gave the speech four in addition to a half months after the Union armies defeated the Confederacy at the Battle of Gettysburg. He gave the speech to try to persuade the Northerners to fight in addition to end the war as long as the preservation of the Union in addition to set an example of a unified country to the as long as eign countries to follow.-Gettysburg is a small town in Pennsylvania right next to the border of Maryl in addition to in addition to Pennsylvania.-The Gettysburg battle takes place here in addition to around here.-Lincoln gives the Gettysburg Address in Gettysburg.Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

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The Gettysburg Battle of July 1863 -The battle of Gettysburg was fought in Pennsylvania in the North.- The Union army had more soldiers as long as the battle.- The Confederates, led by General Lee came into battle with less people in addition to had more casualties.-Lee in addition to his army retreated after having too many casualties.QuestionsSo far we’ve talked about -The town of Gettysburg-The Gettysburg AddressMajor General Stuart-James Ewell Brown Stuart also known as J. E. B. Stuart or JEB.- Stuart lead his Cavalry in Gettysburg.-Cavalry: The part of a military as long as ce composed of troops that serve on horseback.-Father fought in the war of 1812 in addition to Gr in addition to father fought in the Revolutionary war.

Major General Meade-Born in Spain in 1815 in addition to then came to America during a war in Spain.- On June 28th, 1863 Meade was appointed General as long as The Union.- Meade chose not to chase after the retreating Lee in addition to was demoted to. brigadier general in the regular army.Ulysses S. Grant-General as long as The Union in addition to 18th President of the united States.-His fighting style deemed him the name “Unconditional Surrender.”-Ulysses S. Grant was not present during the battle of Gettysburg.-During The Gettysburg battle, Grant was at The Siege of Vicksburg which was about to end.General Robert E. Lee-Lee, born in 1807 was the youngest of four Children.-His father is Colonel Henry Lee who was also governor of Virginia.-Lee’s First battle was in the Mexican War as a captain.-Lee used a tactic of sending a lot of men in at once.-General Lee went on a winning streak as long as a while in addition to Gettysburg is one of his big losses.

Map of Gettysburg-Gettysburg-Maryl in addition to in addition to Pennsylvania border-Major General Stuart’s Cavalry path-Confederate troops with General Lee-Chesapeake BayQuestionsSo Far we’ve talked about -The Town of Gettysburg-The Gettysburg Address-The Gettysburg Battle-Major General Stuart-Cavalries -Ulysses S. Grant-General Robert E. LeeGettysburgVicksburg

Vicksburg’s Placement in addition to Reason- The Battle of Vicksburg was in Vicksburg, Mississippi in 1863.- The Union had more than twice as many soldiers than the Confederate states.Why was Vicksburg a turning point- The battle of Vicksburg was so important because the winner of this battle would take control of the Mississippi River in addition to as long as the North this would contribute to the Anaconda Plan, in addition to as long as the South this would prove to the North that their plans to take over the South will not work.- This battle was also important because the win as long as General Grant in this battle promoted him to become general of the whole army.Vicksburg, Mississippi-Vicksburg is the only city in Warren County, Mississippi.-The Battle in addition to Siege of Vicksburg was here.-The Union soldiers won this battle, in addition to took control of Vicksburg.

Finishing the Gettysburg Address- The Gettysburg Address was given here because this is where there were Union soldiers in addition to Confederate soldiers to show that everything was united.- This speech was very important as well because was now able to take the role of the strong, in-charge leader of all once again. Weaponry in The Gettysburg in addition to Vicksburg Battles-The Northern cannon could shoot almost a mile, giving the North vast range as long as which they could kill the southern soldiers. -In a addition to also having more supplies to make the weaponry, the north had rifles with higher reloading time, that as long as skilled soldiers could be shot three times a minute, giving the north even more advantages. -These weapons gave the North an increased amount of options of battle strategies, because the north had better range in addition to power in their guns, even though the south was more skilled.Battle Tactics For the Gettysburg in addition to Vicksburg Battles

So far we’ve talked about-The Town of Gettysburg-The Gettysburg Address-The Gettysburg Battle-Major General Stuart-Cavalries -General Ulysses S. Grant-General Robert E. Lee-Vicksburg Placement in addition to reasoning-Vicksburg, Mississippi -The Battle of Vicksburg-Weapons in Gettysburg in addition to Vicksburg-Battle Tactics in Gettysburg in addition to VicksburgQuestionsThank you as long as your attention during our presentation.Here’s a reading of the Gettysburg Address by Connor Smith.

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