BPM Concentration Reqts Core courses: A201 or S205: Programming K317: ERP T



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BPM Concentration Reqts Core courses: A201 or S205: Programming K317: ERP T

Art Center College of Design, US has reference to this Academic Journal, Who Are We? We are the Operations & Decision Technologies (ODT) Department We do things like Supply Chain Management, Enterprise Applications in addition to e-business ? stuff that companies are implementing!! Our Majors Operations Management Often double alongside Finance, Marketing, or CIS Business Process Management (BPM) One of the two technology majors in the Kelley School Very attractive by itself or as a double major alongside Marketing, Finance in addition to CIS The BPM major This concentration is designed in consideration of students who wish so that begin their careers in the broadly defined area of business analysis that includes enterprise technologies, supply chain management, decision support systems, e-business, process operations in addition to reengineering, technology consulting in addition to analytical modeling Representative job titles: Business Analyst ERP or e-business Specialist Business Consultant (In-House or External) All types of applications Finance, Marketing, Operations, etc. Non-technical so that very technical

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The OM Major The Operations Management (OM) major offers career opportunities in consulting or in corporate positions in specialties such as supply chain management, operations, business processes, materials management in addition to quality assurance Representative job titles: Operations Analyst or Consultant Supply Chain Analyst Plant Manager Inventory Control Manager Production Manager Distribution Manager What Do We Teach? Business problem solving in addition to analysis using technology VB, VBA, Excel, C/C++, JAVA Analysis of business processes Process Charter, MS Project, SAP R/3 Enterprise Applications Enterprise Applications (ERP, CRM, etc.) Supply Chain Management e-business Data Warehousing in addition to Data Mining OM Major Requirements Three of the following: P320: Supply Chain Mgmt – Sourcing P421: Supply Chain Mgmt ? Materials Mgmt in addition to Logistics P429: Operations Processes Two Electives from either Information Systems, Decision Sciences, Marketing, Accounting or Finance (for a total of five courses)

BPM Concentration Reqts Core courses: A201 or S205: Programming K317: ERP Tools (SAP) BPM Electives (Three out of the following): K311: Business Process Tools (Formerly K217) K410: Decision Support Systems P421: Supply Chain Management P429: Operations Processes P310: Enterprise Technologies Two Non-ODT Electives Programming Enterprise Systems Operations/ Supply Chain Data Analysis/ DSS/Data Mining K317 & P310 K311 (K217) & K410 P421 & P429 Why Choose BPM? You: Like so that solve business problems alongside technology Like so that keep on the cutting edge Want so that be part of a select new group of technology professionals Want a challenging job Want so that use your analytical/logical skills Like personal interaction alongside faculty

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Outlook in consideration of Graduates Still Very Good Demand in consideration of certain technology students still greater than supply Enterprise Applications in addition to e-business are the areas companies are investing in Areas such as Supply Chain Management, Customer Relationship Management in addition to e-business are expected so that be where the action will be Increasing number of internships available before graduation Companies are looking in consideration of Graduates who: Are eager in addition to able so that learn quickly Have knowledge of business processes Have technical abilities in addition to competence Have analytical abilities Have ?people? (communications) skills Students from the Kelley School have them all!! Who Recruits BPM/OM Majors? Eli Lilly Fifth Third Bank Bank One United Technologies Procter & Gamble Handleman Company General Electric Microsoft Intel Sun Microsystems Exxon Mobil British Petroleum Owens Corning Hewlett Packard IBM Raytheon Roche Ford Motor Company Cardinal Health Delta Faucet Lear Corporation Sunshine Bouquet John Deere & Co State farm Insurance Deloitte Consulting Crowe Chizek Gibson & Associates Inrange Cap Gemini E & Y EDS Kurt Salmon & Assoc Accenture Braun Consulting Arthur Anderson Hewitt Associates

The ODT Faculty Operations & Decision Technologies Decision Sciences/Technologies Professors Albright, Venkat, Soni, Briggs, Bretthaeur, Winston, Harnett, Akaiwa, Littlefield Operations Management Professors Jacobs, Patterson, Schultz, Mabert, Blocher, Schmenner, Way Where Are We? Decision Technologies Faculty – BU570 Operations Management Faculty – BU670 Primary Contact: Professor Soni (soni@indiana ) Other Contacts: Professors Briggs, Mabert, in addition to Venkat Office phone number: 855-8440 JOIN the ODT Club A great club alongside lots of exciting events Lots of corporate events indiana /~odtclub President ? Jeff Manfield Look out in consideration of Upcoming Events Get in on the ground floor!

Our Panel: Alumni: Kylie Yeiter ? Delta Faucet Nick Weltich ? Eli Lilly & Co Chris Barr ? Fifth Third Bank

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