Bridge Design Project Each Group Will: Bridge Design Blueprints Bridge Construction

Bridge Design Project Each Group Will: Bridge Design Blueprints Bridge Construction

Bridge Design Project Each Group Will: Bridge Design Blueprints Bridge Construction

Gavre, Terryl, Food Editor has reference to this Academic Journal, PHwiki organized this Journal Bridge Design Project Margaret Hirsch, Millington-Central High School Crista Sabo, Bolton High School Angela Tobias, Houston High School Each Group Will: Design a Bridge Build a Bridge Present Research in addition to Conclusions Bridge Design Research History Research Geometry Design Plan to Distribute Weight Connection Joints Make the Difference Draw Blueprints Good Joint Bad Joint

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Blueprints Drawn on White Paper At least a top view in addition to a side view Include Written Measurements Bridge Construction General Good Carpentry Ideas Measure twice, cut once Practice Use the blueprints as a guideline Tape straws together Rules as long as Bridge Design Goal Support as much weight as possible. Dimensions Span Length: 18.00 in Span Width: 6.00 in Materials in addition to Elements 30 Straws One Roll of Scotch Tape 1 Paper Cup

Bridge Presentation They all get broken Each bridge is placed on the “Canyon of Destruction.” Additional weight will be added until the bridge collapses or the cup falls off the bridge. Bridge Presentation Presentation Written questionnaire Journal entries Oral in addition to Visual in as long as mation 5-7 minutes Describe bridge design Demonstrate how much mass it supports Critique the success of your bridge design Scoring 200 Points Total 60 pt. Blueprint Quality 60 pt. Bridge Quality 80 pt. Research in addition to Presentation Quality

60 pt. Blueprint 10 pt. Creativity 20 pt. Neatness 30 pt. 2 views (at least) Side View Top View Add Front View if needed 60 pt. Bridge 30 pt. Weight Categories 00-10 pennies 11-20 pennies 21-30 pennies 31-40 pennies 41-50 pennies 51-60 pennies 61 & up pennies 20 pt. Finished Bridge Fits Design 10 pt. Aesthetic 80 pt. Presentation 30 pt. Written Questionnaire 30 pt. Visual/Oral Presentation Organization (10 points) In as long as mative (10 points) Creativity (10 points) 20 pt. Shared Ef as long as t in addition to Teamwork Teacher observation (10 points) Work Journal (10 points) This is a journal page designed by the team of every moment worked on the project, listing who did what. Every entry (page) needs to be signed by every member of group.

Other Internet Sites that May Help Bridge Watching different bridges Newton’s Apple – Bridges history & designs Building Principles purpose of the designs Search Engines use key words “physics bridge” Alta Vista Yahoo! Excite

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