Cabo: Concurrent Architectures are Better than One Jennifer Rex as long as d Princeton Un

Cabo: Concurrent Architectures are Better than One Jennifer Rex as long as d Princeton Un

Cabo: Concurrent Architectures are Better than One Jennifer Rex as long as d Princeton Un

Wolman, David, Contributing Editor has reference to this Academic Journal, PHwiki organized this Journal Cabo: Concurrent Architectures are Better than One Jennifer Rex as long as d Princeton University Joint work with Nick Feamster in addition to Lixin Gao Deciding Not to Decide Flexibility has been key to the Internet’s success Many different applications in addition to services Beyond anything the initial designers ever envisioned Today this flexibility is limited to the end systems Not surprisingly, this is where we have seen innovation And, the “inside” is quite difficult to change Witness the fate of IPv6, QoS, multicast, secure routing Even if we could start over Maybe the design problem is over-constrained Too many goals, some conflicting It’s Hard to be a Routing Protocol These Days Many, many design goals Global reachability Fast convergence Efficient use of resources Low protocol overhead Secure control plane Flexible routing policies Perhaps we cannot satisfy all of these goals No matter how hard we try

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Example: Security vs. Reachability Example: Convergence vs. Scalability Virtualization to the Rescue Multiple customized architectures in parallel Multiple logical routers on a single plat as long as m Resource isolation in CPU, as long as warding table, b in addition to width Programmability as long as custom protocols in addition to mechanisms

Applications Within an Single ISP Customized virtual networks Security as long as online banking Fast-convergence as long as VoIP in addition to gaming Specialized h in addition to ling of suspicious traffic Testing in addition to deploying new protocols Evaluate on a separate virtual network Rather than in a dedicated test lab Large scale in addition to early-adopter traffic Leasing virtual components to others ISPs have unused node in addition to link capacity Can allow others to construct services on top Enabling Economic Refactoring Infrastructure providers: Maintain routers, links, data centers, in addition to other physical infrastructure Service providers: Offer end-to-end services (e.g., layer 3 VPNs, SLAs, etc.) to users Infrastructure Providers Service Providers Today: ISPs try to play both roles, in addition to cannot offer end-to-end services Similar Trends in Other Industries Commercial aviation Infrastructure providers: Airports Infrastructure: Gates, “h in addition to s in addition to eyes” support, etc. Service providers: Airlines Other examples: airplanes, auto industry, & commercial real estate NRT ATL JFK SFO

Communications Networks, Too! Two commercial examples in IP networks Packet Fabric: share routers at exchange points FON: resells users’ wireless Internet connectivity FON economic refactoring Infrastructure providers: Buy upstream connectivity Service provider: FON as the broker ( Application 1: End-to-End Services Secure routing protocols Multi-provider VPNs Paths with end-to-end per as long as mance guarantees Today Cabo Competing ISPs with different goals must coordinate Single service provider controls end-to-end path Application 2: Virtual Co-Location Problem: ISP/Enterprise wants presence in some physical location, but doesn’t have equipment. Today: Backhaul, or L3 VPN from single ISP Cabo: Lease a slice of another’s routers, links Tokyo U.S.

Challenge 1: Simultaneous Operation Problem: Service providers share infrastructure Approach: Virtualize the infrastructure Nodes (lessons from PlanetLab will help) Links (previous lessons from QoS) Andy Bavier’s talk on VINI Cabo will exploit many functions that are needed as long as VINI Cabo philosophy: virtualization is the architecture Challenge 2: Substrate Problem: Service providers must be able to request in addition to create virtual networks Discovering physical infrastructure Decision elements as long as managing the substrate Creating virtual networks Requests to decision elements (initially out of b in addition to ), which name virtual network components Instantiating virtual networks Challenges related to embedding in addition to accounting Conclusion: Cabo as a New Architecture Virtualization Multiple logical routers on a single plat as long as m Resource isolation in CPU, FIBs, in addition to b in addition to width Programmability General-purpose CPUs as long as control in addition to manipulation Network processors in addition to FPGAs as long as fast as long as warding Third-party providers as long as routing in addition to as long as warding solutions Economic refactoring Infrastructure provider: manage routers in addition to links Service provider: offer end-to-end services

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Wolman, David Contributing Editor

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