Caches Project 3 The Lord of the Cache


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Caches Project 3 The Lord of the Cache

Bloomfield College, US has reference to this Academic Journal, The Lord of the CacheProject 3CachesThree common cache designs:Direct-Mappedstore in exactly one cache lineFully Associativestore in any cache lineSet Associativestore in a small set of cache linesVTagBlock= Tag Index Offsetword selecthit?data=hit?dataword select32bitsByte offsetDirect-mapped Cache

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VTagBlockword selecthit?dataline select====32bits64bytes Tag OffsetFully Associative Cacheword selecthit?dataline select==32bits64bytes Tag Index Offset2-way Set Associative Cacheword selecthit?dataline select===32bits64bytes Tag Index Offset3-way Set Associative Cache

Cache MissesCold (aka Compulsory) MissLine is being referenced in consideration of the first time Avoid by prefetchingConflict MissLine was in the cache, but has been evicted because of another access alongside the same indexAvoid by increasing cache associativity Capacity Missline was in the cache, but has been evicted because the cache is too small Avoid by increasing cache sizeCache Write Policies Write-Through Updates so that a block in cache are immediately written through so that memoryWrite-BackUpdates so that a block in cache are only written back so that memory when that block is evicted

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