Cali as long as nia’s Child Welfare Continuum of Care Re as long as m (CCR) Overview

Cali as long as nia’s Child Welfare Continuum of Care Re as long as m (CCR) Overview

Cali as long as nia’s Child Welfare Continuum of Care Re as long as m (CCR) Overview

Brown, Melissa, Managing Editor has reference to this Academic Journal, PHwiki organized this Journal Cali as long as nia’s Child Welfare Continuum of Care Re as long as m (CCR) Overview Cali as long as nia Department of Social Services January 2016 Legislative m in addition to ate: Re as long as m Group Homes in addition to Foster Family Agencies with robust in addition to diverse stakeholder inputLegislative report with recommendationsBuilds on previous re as long as m ef as long as ts: SB 933, RBS Re as long as mContinuum of Care Re as long as m: A comprehensive framework that supports children, youth in addition to families across placement settings (from relatives to congregate care) in achieving permanency. Includes:Increased engagement with children, youth in addition to familiesIncreased capacity as long as home-based family careLimited use of congregate careSystemic in addition to infrastructure changes: rates, training, accreditation, accountability & per as long as mance, mental health services Senate Bill 1013 (Chapter 35, Statutes of 2012)BackgroundAll children live with a committed, permanent in addition to nurturing family Individualized in addition to coordinated services in addition to supports Focus on permanent family in addition to preparation as long as successful adulthoodWhen needed, congregate care is a short-term, high quality, intensive intervention that is just one part of a continuum of care available as long as children, youth in addition to young adultsVision

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The child, youth in addition to family’s experience is valued in:AssessmentService planning Placement decisionsChildren shouldn’t change placements to get servicesCross system in addition to cross-agency collaboration to improve access to services in addition to outcomesRecognizing the differences in the probation system in addition to among other groups of youth Guiding PrinciplesDeliverablesCCR Implementation WorkgroupsProgram InstructionsRegulationsACLs/CFLsFormsCapacity Building ActivitiesOutreach ActivitiesCommunication MaterialsTraining CurriculaMental Health CertificationAccountability & Oversight FrameworkAccreditation ProcessApplication review processProvider Per as long as mance measuresConsumer SurveyDRAFTState/County Implementation TeamCDSS, DHCS, CWDA, CPOC, CBHDA, CSACCounty RepresentativesStakeholder Implementation Advisory CommitteeProviders, Youth, Caregivers, Tribes, Advocates, Counties, Legislative Staff in addition to othersProposed CCR Implementation FrameworkRate StructureNew Therapeutic Residential Services Settings & FFA rates in addition to rate structuresGroup Home Therapeutic Residential Services Settings (aka STRTC)The “Paradigm Shift”Children who cannot be safely placed in a family can receive short-term, residential care with specific care plans in addition to intensive therapeutic interventions in addition to services to support transition to a family.

Resource Family Approval:Related in addition to non-related familiesTraining as long as all familiesResource Families still choose the role they play in the system: temporary or permanentPrepared as long as permanency-no additional approvals necessaryRFA Process:Single, unified RFA process will be used as long as all caregiver families: kin, NREFM, county foster families, FFA foster familiesAvoids need as long as adoption home study in addition to second, more in-depth background check; once approved, families can adopt or become kin-guardiansFoster Families Resource Families The Goal:PermanentFamily Increased EngagementChild & Family Team(CFT)Up-front in addition to continuing assessment along common domainsAligns with the Cali as long as nia Child Welfare Core Practice Model (Statewide Practice Model) & Pathways to Wellness (Katie A. settlement)

Existing ef as long as ts to improve in addition to increase the capacity of home-based family care:Quality Parenting InitiativeResource Family Approval Process Approved Relative Caregiver (ARC) Funding Option Program (2014: $30 million investment)Tribally-approved homes/Tribal access to background in as long as mationBuilding Family Care Capacity Resource family approval by counties, Foster Family Agencies (FFAs) in addition to Therapeutic Residential Services SettingsFunding as long as support, retention, recruitment in addition to training of resource families & relatives Foster Family Agencies provide Core Services:Trauma In as long as medCulturally relevantAccreditation through COA, CARF & JCAHOMay provide core services to children in county approved families in addition to relativesUpdated in addition to exp in addition to ed training requirements across provider in addition to caregiver categoriesIncreasing Capacity as long as Home-Based Family CareTransition County Shelter Temporary Shelter Care FacilityGroup Home Therapeutic Residential Services Settings that provide Core Services:Trauma In as long as medCulturally relevantCapacity to transition to children to family care by approving resource familiesLimited Use of Congregate Care

Meeting the needs of Probation Youth:Collaboration in addition to coordination will be necessary in order as long as CCR to be successful as long as Probation Youth.Identify the training in addition to supports families need to parent probation youth in FFAs in addition to as long as Therapeutic Residential Services Settings to develop programs targeted at probation youth.Programs developed in addition to /or maintained as long as probation youth who are in need of substance use disorder treatment, sex offender treatment in addition to behavior modification programming. After-care services as a central component to ensuring a youth’s successful in addition to sustaining transition back into his/her family home.Meeting the needs of Probation Youth:Extensions as long as Probation Youth are linked to the progress tied to specific benchmarks. In the year ahead the CDSS will be:Engaging FFAs in addition to other community based organizations to develop strategies to recruit in addition to support specialized foster homes.Defining outcome measures to be collected in addition to analyzed to assess implementation of CCR in addition to the impact on Probation.Working with Providers, Courts in addition to County Probation Departments to develop capacity as long as home-based family care.Working with Therapeutic Residential Services Settings to address treatment needs of specific Probation populations.FFAs in addition to Therapeutic Residential Services Settings make available core services either directly or through as long as mal agreements:Access to specialty mental health services Transitional support services as long as placement changes, permanency; aftercareEducation, physical, behavioral in addition to mental health supportsActivities to support youth achieving a successful adulthoodServices to achieve permanency & maintain/establish family connectionsActive ef as long as ts as long as ICWA-Eligible childrenCore Services

National AccreditationCross Departmental Oversight FrameworkEvaluate provider per as long as mance along common domainsYouth, caregiver in addition to stakeholder satisfaction surveysPublic transparency of provider per as long as manceOversight, Accountability & Provider Per as long as mance MeasuresAccreditation: FFAs in addition to Therapeutic Residential Services SettingsAccreditation will be accepted from:Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO)Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF)Accreditation through Council on Accreditation (COA)CDSS is engaging with agencies in addition to will continue to address specific needs of the State, Counties, in addition to Providers regarding accreditation in addition to CCR requirements.New provider rate structure:Sunset RCL system (1-14) A single Therapeutic Residential Services Settings rate (IV-E) A tiered resource family care rate structure based on level of need as long as the resource family in addition to resource family agency Therapeutic Residential Services Settings rate will not be blended with Title XIX (rates as long as mental health services is status quo) Therapeutic Foster Care Rate (Katie A)Multi-year implementation: New requirements take effect 1/1/2017Provisions as long as extensions up to two yearsAdditional extensions as long as providers in addition to longer as long as those serving probation youthTherapeutic Residential Services Settings in addition to FFA may be public or private.Design a new program audit that aligns with required program in addition to treatment competencies in addition to accreditation st in addition to ards; coordinates program, fiscal, in addition to health & safety reviews (DHCS, CCLD, CDSS).New Provider Rate Structure

The Work Ahead Implementation: Children & families served differently!ExtensionsData collectionMonitoringTechnical AssistancePolicy Revision1-1-17Will take “a village”! CDSS will be collaborating with a wide array of stakeholders in the implementation workProvider Licensing CDSS Community Care Licensing (CCL) will review applications as long as group homes transitioning to “STRTCs”.Applications as long as licensing will include the Plan Of Operation/Program Statements in addition to licensing as long as ms that need to be updated.Provisional licensure may be issued in order to secure accreditation.Providers will submit an application with revisions of the updated Plan Of Operation/Program Statement to their local CCL Regional Office.Questions can be sent to: in as long as mation on the CDSS website at: Questions in addition to Contact Info

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