Cancer Care in the UK 2015 The Challenge Leadership Optimum equipment

Cancer Care in the UK 2015 The Challenge Leadership Optimum equipment

Cancer Care in the UK 2015 The Challenge Leadership Optimum equipment

Lowery, Toni, Host has reference to this Academic Journal, PHwiki organized this Journal Cancer Care in the UK 2015 The Challenge Ahead – Driving Down Costs, Treating More, Whilst Increasing Quality The Challenge More cancer not less – I in 2 by the end of the decade Increased use of all modalities Increasing costs e.g. inflation on drugs Able to treat recurrence – more patients A requirement to make savings/efficiencies Limited flexibility – it’s a people business 15,000 USCs per annum to find 4000 cancers So what is the view of the NHS in addition to how can it move as long as ward Can history teach us something So much from so few – more as long as less

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Leadership Strategic Level Operational level Strong Determined Knowledgeable Lead from the front Optimum equipment If not the best the most reliable Fit as long as purpose Exploit technology New technologies can help efficiency in addition to optimise what we need to do.

Plan in addition to prioritise Obtain in as long as mation Create a plan Identify your priorities Experiment Be prepared to experiment, fail in addition to try again Multi agency approach Work with others to achieve a shared goal

Luck A little bit of luck goes a long way ! Focus in addition to Spirit Esprit De Corps – the few Pride – purpose – sustainability Part of the next generation

It’s on my watch Hunter, P Sub Lt (A) RNVR 831 sdqn Conclusion Spirit in addition to determination is everything Teams in adversity often do better in addition to history provides multiple examples of this. In these challenging times the NHS needs to plan in addition to prioritise but fundamentally maintain a spirit in order to deliver a ‘can do’ mentality – that way we can get more from less.

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