CAPT Scott Johnston, MSC, USN Director, Naval Center as long as Combat & Operational St

CAPT Scott Johnston, MSC, USN Director, Naval Center as long as Combat & Operational St

CAPT Scott Johnston, MSC, USN Director, Naval Center as long as Combat & Operational St

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TFF Addresses Multiple multi-dimensional wholeness in addition to balance to meet the challenges of changing environmentsEngaging senior leadersProviding key terms in addition to definitions as long as DoDProviding framework as long as cataloging programs in addition to integrating resilience-focused policy in addition to doctrine Starting point as long as developing st in addition to ardized metricsDCoE Resource in addition to Ef as long as studies On web: Resilience in addition to Suicide Prevention New studies: Stigma Reduction, Sleep Issues, Family ResilienceWhite papers reviews Integrate three areas: scientific evidence, current programming, stakeholder inputs DCoE Integrative Health in addition to Wellness websiteTopics: Mind-body skills, peer support, worksite health promotion/wellness programs, leveraging technology, well-being, reintegration programsComprehensive Soldier Fitness Force Resilience InitiativesDeployment Transition Center Implementation Ramstein AB, GermanyDecompression in addition to Re-integration TrainingStrength-based approach to assist Airmen regularly exposed to significant risk of death in direct combat Headcount—total 3,444AF/A1 in addition to USAFE/CC working way ahead on DTC of the futureResearch on effectivenessShowed significantly reduced symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress, problematic alcohol use/abuse, in addition to serious conflict with family/othersAs of: 29 Feb 12 Marine Total

Navy Operational Stress Control (OSC) The Operational Stress ContinuumReadyReactingInjuredIllGood to GoWell-TrainedFit in addition to FocusedCohesive UnitsReady FamiliesDistress or ImpairedMild in addition to Temporarily Anxious, Irritable or SadPhysical or Behavioral ChangesMore Severe or Persistent Stress or ImpairmentMay Leave Lasting Memories, Reactions in addition to ImpressionsStress Injuries That Don’t Heal Without HelpSymptoms Persist Get Worse or Initially Get Better Then Return WorseUnit LeaderResponsibilityCaregiverResponsibilityIndividual, Shipmate, FamilyResponsibilityFive Core Leader FunctionsStrengthenLeadership that is Firm, Fair, a Source of Courage, Communicates Plans in addition to ListensExpose to Tough, Realistic TrainingFoster Unit CohesionMitigateRemove Unnecessary StressorsEnsure Adequate Sleep in addition to RestConduct After-Action Review (AAR) in Small GroupsIdentifyKnow Crew Stress LoadRecognize Reactions, Injuries in addition to IllnessTreatRest in addition to Restoration (24-72 Hours)“Buddy Help”ChaplainMedicalReintegrateKeep with Unit if at all PossibleExpect Return to Full DutyDon’t Allow Retribution or HarassmentCommunicate with Treating Professionals (Both Ways)

Proposed Navy Resilience ProgramFour pillars of the programAssessment toolsResilience training modulesTrain-the-trainer trainingInstitutional resilience training Resilience program will include:Evidence-supported tools in addition to methods that support skill developmentResearch-supported program evaluation in addition to outcome measures in Wellness in addition to Optimal Per as long as mance Evaluate in addition to compare effectiveness of stress regulation skillsCoherence Training (emWave) Vs. PMRN = 106 IDC studentsClasses assigned to Coherence Training or PMRAssessments at baseline, 3 mo, 6 mo, 1 yearStress, anxiety, sleep, PTSD, unit support, per as long as mance & Coherence Training Study

Evaluate the effectiveness of stress regulation skillsSRTS Vs. PMR (both iPad based systems)N = 200 service members in training environmentsR in addition to om assignment: SRTS, PMR or waitlist controlAll participants receive an iPad as long as 2 monthsAssessments at baseline, 2 in addition to 4monthsStress, resilience, coping, anxiety, sleep, PTSD, unit support, per as long as mance & Stress Resilience Training System Questions in addition to Comments

Ramezzano, Dave KPIX-TV Executive Sports Producer

Ramezzano, Dave Executive Sports Producer

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