Cardiac Cath in addition to Angiocardiography Definition of Cardiac Catherization Principles of Cardiac Catheterization Indications Contraindications

Cardiac Cath in addition to Angiocardiography Definition of Cardiac Catherization Principles of Cardiac Catheterization Indications Contraindications

Cardiac Cath in addition to Angiocardiography Definition of Cardiac Catherization Principles of Cardiac Catheterization Indications Contraindications

Ross, McKinley, Host has reference to this Academic Journal, PHwiki organized this Journal Cardiac Cath in addition to Angiocardiography SPRING 2009 FINAL 3-23-09 Definition of Cardiac Catherization Comprehensive term to describe minor surgical procedure as long as diagnostic evaluation or interventional (therapeutic) purposes Diagnostic Collects data to evaluate PT’s condition Therapeutic To intervene by mechanical means to treat disorders of the vascular in addition to conduction systems within the heart Principles of Cardiac Catheterization

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Indications Suspected or known coronary heart disease Myodcardial infarction Sudden cardiovascular death Valvular heart disease Congenital heart disease Aortic dissection Pericardial constriction Cardiomyopathy Initial in addition to follow up assessment as long as heart transplant Contraindications Active GI bleed Renal failure Recent stroke Fever from infection Electrolyte imbalance Anemia Short life expectancy Digitalis intoxication PT refusal Uncontrolled hypertension Bleeding disorders Pulmonary edema Uncontrolled ventricular arrhythmias Aortic valve endocarditiis Allergic to contrast Complications in addition to Risks Death Myocardial infarction CVA Arrhythmia Hemorrhage Contrast Hemodynamic Per as long as ation

Angiographic Supplies in addition to Equipment Catheters Contrast Media Pressure Injector Catheters For LT cardiac cath similar to those as long as angio RT cath requires specialized catheters Typically flow directed catheters With manifolds Contrast Media High Osmolar Ionic Sometimes causes ECG changes Widely used Non-ionic Ionic low osmolar Restricted costs causes limited use of low osmolar contrast agents.

Pressure injector Imaging Image chain Digital Angiography imaging equipment Image chain Similar to angio suites High resolution imaging in addition to recording C-arms must be able to be on as long as extended periods of time Withst in addition to great heat load Multi focal-spot High speed rotating fluoro tubes Short exposure times 15-30 frames per second Often have a video camera

Digital Angiography Imaging equipment Long term storage of large amounts of digital files has benefited from advances in computer technology DICOM (digital communications committee) Ancillary Equipment in addition to Supplies Physiologic Equipment Other equipment Physiologic Equipment Equipment to monitor ECG Hemodynamic pressures Vital signs to record PT function

Other Equipment Crash cart Oxygen in addition to suction Defibrillator Temporary pacemaker Pulse oximeter Blood pressure cuff Equipment to per as long as m cardiac output studies Activated clotting time (ACT) equipment Patient Positioning as long as Cardiac Catheterization PT must be positioning so that they will not have to be moved during procedure Must be positioned so anatomic structures of interest are demonstrated PT is supine with shielding as appropriate Catheterization Methods in addition to Techniques

Pre-Catheterization Care In as long as med consent obtained PT history Physical exam CXR Blood work ECG Echocardiogram Exercise stress test Nuclear Medicine cardiac perfusion studies Pre-Catheterization Care IV started Sedation in addition to nausea Nothing to eat 4-6 hours be as long as e procedure Records of procedure PT hemodynamic data Fluoro times Medications administered Supplies used Other pertinent in as long as mation Catheter Introduction Prepare catheter introduction site with aseptic technique Shaved in addition to cleaned Can be at femoral (most common), brachial, radial, axillary, jugular in addition to subclavian areas Selinger technique used

Selinger Technique Needle with cannula inserted Needle withdrawn until there is blood flow Inner cannula removed & guidewire inserted Needle removed Catheter over guidewire Guidewire removed leaving catheter in artery Data Collection Physiologic data unusually collected Hemodynamic parameters Includes blood pressure Cardiac output Vascular pressures (inside & outside the heart) ECG Oximetry readings Cardiac output Blood samples to measure oxygen saturations levels in various parts of the heart

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