Casimir as long as ce measurements using mechanical transducers: sensitivity, noise in addition to

Casimir as long as ce measurements using mechanical transducers: sensitivity, noise in addition to

Casimir as long as ce measurements using mechanical transducers: sensitivity, noise in addition to

Michaels, Rosemary, News Director has reference to this Academic Journal, PHwiki organized this Journal Casimir as long as ce measurements using mechanical transducers: sensitivity, noise in addition to backgroundRicardo S. DeccaDepartment of Physics, IUPUI Dominant electronic as long as ce at small (~ 1 nm) separations Non-retarded: van der Waals Retarded: CasimirAttractive interactionzNo mode restriction on the outsideIn principle, a simple task System to measure the interaction -Mechanical oscillators with soft springs. -It actually is a transducer, in addition to either a deflection (linear or angular) or a frequency shift is measured. -A calibration against a known interaction is needed. An electrostatic interaction between the bodies is used. -It needs to be free of systematic effects. But nobody succeeds. System to measure the separation between bodies -Two-color interferometer yields absolute positioning. -One point needs to be obtained in a different way. Characterization of the system in addition to samples -Measurement of all parameters involved. -Minimization of backgrounds. -Characterization of the materials used Comparison with theory

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CollaboratorsFundingDaniel López Argonne National LabEphraim Fischbasch Purdue UniversityDennis E. Krause Wabash College in addition to Purdue UniversityValdimir M. Mostepanenko Noncommercial Partnership “Scientific Instruments”, RussiaGalina L. Klimchitskaya North-West Technical University, RussiaJing Ding, Brad Chen IUPUIEdwin Tham, Hua XingVladimir Aksyuk CNST/Univ. of Maryl in addition to Diego Dalvit Los Alamos National LabPeter Milonni Los Alamos National LabFrancesco Intravaia Los Alamos National LabPaul Davids S in addition to ia National LabIl Woong Jung Argonne National LabNSF, DOE, LANL, DARPAOutline1.- Review of experimental results 2.- Characteristics of a system3.- Measurement of the interaction 4.-Measurement of the separation5.- Sample preparation, in addition to characterization 6.- Comparison with theory7.- Effects of environment8.- Low temperature measurements9.- Potential approaches to get better results 10.- SummaryReview of experimental resultsObservation of the thermal Casimir as long as ceA. O. Sushkov, W. J. Kim, D. A. R. Dalvit & S. K. LamoreauxNature Physics 7, 230–233 (2011)

Roberto Onofrio’s group at Dartmouth CollegeG. Bressi, G. Carugno, R. Onofrio, G. Ruoso, “Measurement of the Casimir as long as ce between Parallel Metallic Surfaces”, Phys. Rev. Lett. 88 041804 (2002)Review of experimental resultsA. Roy, C.Y. Lin in addition to U. Mohideen, “Improved precision measurement of the Casimir as long as ce,” Physical Review D, Rapid Communication, Vol. 60, pp.111101-05 (1999).Review of experimental resultsReview of experimental setupsMeasurement of dispersive as long as ces between evaporated metal surfaces in the range below 100 nm P.J. van Zwol, G. Palasantzas, M. van de Schootbrugge, J. Th. M. De Hosson

D. Chavan, G. Gruca, S. de Man, M. Slaman, J. H. Rector, K. Heeck, in addition to D. Iannuzzi, Ferrule-top atomic as long as ce microscope, Rev. Sci. Instrum. 81, 123702 Review of experimental resultsReview of experimental resultsQuantum Mechanical Actuation of Microelectromechanical Systems by the Casimir Force; Chan, Aksyuk, Kleiman, Bishop, CapassoScience 291, 1941 Nonlinear Micromechanical Casimir Oscillator;Phys. Rev. Lett. 87, 211801 Review of experimental results

Effect of hydrogen-switchable mirrors on the Casimir as long as ceIannuzzi, Lisanti, in addition to CapassoProc. Nat. Acad. of Sci. 101, 4019Review of experimental resultsMore yet!Lateral Casimir effectMeasurements on corrugated samples Phase-change materialsIndium-Tin Oxide (ITO) Review of experimental resultsCharacteristics of a system

Characteristics of a systemCharacteristics of a systemNot considering intrinsic losses Newell(1986)Optimal strategy: Decrease a, increase Q, work at fo, in addition to low TCharacteristics of a systemWhat is t Noise (thermal, vibrational, 1/f), actual as long as ces (known in addition to unknown: Electrostatic, patch effects, Casimir, gravitational, )f(Hz)

Lately, we have changed the setup: the sphere is on the oscillator, the plate is on top. -Different sample (nanostructured), cannot be made on the oscillator’s plate. -Larger sample, requires different deposition. Characteristics of a systemCharacteristics of a systemMeasurement of the interaction

Determined by:-Looking into the response of the oscillator in the thermal bath.Or-Inducing a time dependent separation between the plate in addition to the sphere (preferred). Measurement of the interactionMeasurement of the interaction Errors Minimum valuesFrequency: 6 mHz ~28 mHz (at 750 nm)b2/I: 0.0005 mg-1 1.2432 mg-1R: 0.2 mm 150 mmMeasurement of the separationzg = (2172.8 ± 0.1) nm, interferometerzi = ~(10000.0s ± 0.2) absolute interferometerzo = (8162.3 ± 0.5) nm, electrostatic calibrationb = (207 ± 2) mm, optical microscopeQ = ~(1.000 ± 0.001) mradzo is determined using a known interactionzi, Q are measured as long as each position

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Electrostatic as long as ce calibrationMeasurement of the separationElectrostatic as long as ce calibrationz = 3.5 mmMeasurement of the separationElectrostatic as long as ce calibrationVo is constant as a function of separation in addition to timeOtherwise, Vo needs to be determined at each point10 x 10 grid, 5 mm pitchMeasurement of the separation

Electrostatic as long as ce calibration-After measuring the deflection (expressed as as long as ce here), we adjust as long as the unknown separation.-The figure shows the DFe as long as the optimal in addition to oneoff by 1.5 nmMeasurement of the separation-Problems in lack of parallelism (curvature of wavefronts) are compensated when subtracting the two phases-Gouy phase effect is ~ , in addition to gives an error much smaller than the r in addition to om one(Yang et al., Opt. Lett. 27, 77 (2005) InterferometerlLC =(1240 +/- D) nm (low coherence), lCW 1550 nm (high coherence) inxMirror (v ~ 10 mm/s)Dx = ziReadoutMeasurement of the separationlLC =(1240 +/- D) nm (low coherence), lCW 1550 nm (high coherence) inputxMirror (v ~ 10 mm/s)Dx = ziReadout(independent at each wavelength)-Phases obtained doing a Hilbert trans as long as m of the amplitude-Changes in D (about 2 nm) give different curves. Intersections provide Dx-Quite insensitive to jitter. Only 2DDx’/(lCW)2 Instead of 2Dx’/lCW(Yang et al., Opt. Lett. 27, 77 (2005) InterferometerziMeasurement of the separation

Low temperature measurementResultsMeasurements at 1.5 K seem to have the lowest noiseAll data seem to coincide with the room temperature measurementsThe error on the low T measurement, el (400 nm) = 5 mPa is larger than the difference between the Drude in addition to plasma models of 2.4 mPaThis statement holds true at all temperatures in addition to separations investigated Summary Measurement of the Casimir as long as ce, done with different mechanical transducers Our MTO used as example as long as minimum detectable as long as ce, SNR, etc Description on system characterization Possibilities as long as the future

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