Certified Background To Do List How to get records into Certified Profile Faxing in addition to Mailing Records Certified Profile iPhone App

Certified Background To Do List How to get records into Certified Profile Faxing in addition to Mailing Records Certified Profile iPhone App www.phwiki.com

Certified Background To Do List How to get records into Certified Profile Faxing in addition to Mailing Records Certified Profile iPhone App

Townsend, Kelly, Lifestyle Writer has reference to this Academic Journal, PHwiki organized this Journal Certified Background To Do List Students will go to www.CertifiedBackground.com In the top right h in addition to corner the student will type in their package code in the box that says “Place Order.” Then they will click “Go.”

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They will then see this screen which shows the school’s in as long as mation, the package contents, in addition to pricing in as long as mation The student will click the check box stating they have read in addition to agree to the terms of the site. Then they will click “Continue Order.” Next they will be prompted to enter their personal in as long as mation, as seen below. They will then enter in their email address in addition to create a password.

On the same page they will be prompted to select a security image. They will verify their name as long as each of the items in their package. Then they will be prompted to review their order in as long as mation, to make sure they’ve typed everything in correctly. They will also have a section to type in any notes or special instructions related to their order.

The next screen will show that their order has been submitted. It has an order confirmation page they can print off. When they click “next” they will be taken into their Certified Profile. This is the To-Do List screen of their Certified Profile. It shows each requirement in itemized list as long as m. All requirements are listed individually.

Once they click on a specific requirement, the guideline in addition to requirement description is displayed. This shows exactly what they need to provide in order to be approved. To upload a file, they will simply click “Upload File.” The student then has the option to select a file from their Document Center (a storage space as long as files previously uploaded to their profile) or from their computer. If they click on the COMPUTER option, they will be given the opportunity to search their computer as long as the file they wish to attach to a requirement. They will select the file in addition to click “open.”

After the file loads, it will show the student which document they have uploaded. They can choose to: 1. Remove the document if they’ve uploaded in error 2. Upload another file, if they have additional files that are needed to fulfill a requirement 3. Click “Submit” to submit the file to our review team to be evaluated. Once a file is submitted it will have a status of “Processing.” This usually lasts as long as a few minutes, in addition to then the status changes to “Pending Review.” This is the notification to the student that our reviewers are now able to evaluate the document provided. They can also choose to upload from their “Document Center.” If they’ve previously uploaded, faxed, or mailed a document to Certified Background, it will be stored in their Document Center in addition to available to be uploaded whenever the student would like.

Once they’ve selected to upload from the Document Center, the student will select which folder to pull the file from. They will then be given the same option as uploading from their computer, to upload additional files, remove the file, or submit the file currently attached. After their order is placed, the student will receive a confirmation email from Certified Profile

How to get records into Certified Profile Scan in addition to Upload Fax Mail Iphone App Faxing in addition to Mailing Records Students can FAX or mail copies of their documents, but it is very important that they also send the coversheets located in their profile. Certified Profile iPhone App FEATURES View in addition to complete To-Do lists as long as school in addition to clinicals Upload photos of required documents straight from your phone Store personal or professional documents Share documents securely with others Request references instantly Free Download You can visit the site below as long as more details on our new app: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/certified-profile/id499369849mt=8

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