Chapter 11 Managing Human Resource Systems Human Resource Planning Internal Forecast Factors

Chapter 11 Managing Human Resource Systems Human Resource Planning Internal Forecast Factors

Chapter 11 Managing Human Resource Systems Human Resource Planning Internal Forecast Factors

Craig, Steve, Midday On-Air Personality has reference to this Academic Journal, PHwiki organized this Journal 1Chapter 11 Managing Human Resource SystemsDr. Ellen A. Drost2The Human Resource Management ProcessRecruitingSelectionAttracting QualifiedEmployeesCompensationEmployee SeparationKeeping QualifiedEmployeesDeveloping QualifiedEmployeesTrainingPer as long as mance Appraisal3Human Resource PlanningBeyond the Book

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4Internal Forecast FactorsNew positionsNew equipment in addition to technologyEliminated positionsTerminationsRetirementsResignationsTurnoverTransfersDeathsPromotionsOrganization’s missionProductivity of current employeesSkills/education of current employeesBeyond the Book5External Forecast FactorsDemographics of labor supplyGeographic population shiftsManufacturing-to service-to in as long as mation-based economy shiftEconomic conditionsUnemployment rateLabor unionsAvailability of applicantsTechnological advancesCompetitorsGrowth of businessesBeyond the Book6HRM Process: Recruiting2

7Job Analysis in addition to Recruiting2.18Internal RecruitingA pool of applicants who already work as long as the company“Promotion from within”Improves employee morale in addition to motivationReduces employer time in addition to costJob posting is the procedure as long as internal advertisingCareer path is a planned sequence of jobs2.29Methods as long as External RecruitingAdvertisingEmployee referralsWalk-insOutside organizationsEmployment servicesSpecial eventsInternet job sites2.3

10HRM PROCESS: SelectionSelection TestsInterviewsApplication Forms in addition to RésumésReferences in addition to Background Checks311References in addition to Background ChecksReferences or background checks are not always provided by previous employers Making background checks more effectivedig deeper as long as more in as long as mationget permission in writingdocument all checksconsider hiring private investigators12Selection Tests3.3

13InterviewsUnstructured Interviewsfree-flow of questions Structured Interviewsinterviewer uses st in addition to ard set of prepared questions Semi-structured Interviewssome structure combined with interviewer judgement3.414Topics Employers Should Avoid3.115Questions in Structured Interviews3.4

16HRM PROCESS: Training417Determining Training Needs4.118Training Methods4.2

19Evaluating Training4.320HRM PROCESS: Per as long as mance AppraisalMeasuring Job Per as long as mance521Measuring Job Per as long as mance: Common Rating ErrorsCentral tendencyall workers are rated as being “average” Halo errorall workers are rated as per as long as ming at the same level in all parts of their jobs Leniency errorall workers are rated as per as long as ming at a high level5.1

22Per as long as mance Appraisal MeasuresObjective per as long as mance measuresquantifiable outcomes (output, scrap, waste, sales, customer complaints, or rejection rates) Subjective per as long as mance measurestrait rating scalesbehavioral observation scales (BOS)5.123Subjective Per as long as mance Appraisal Scales5.124HRM PROCESS: Compensation6

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25Pay-Level DecisionsJob evaluation is used to determine the worth of jobspay the “going rate” Should workers be paid at, below, or above current market wageattracts a larger, more qualified pool of applicantsincreases the rate of job acceptancedecreases the time it takes to fill positionsincreases the time that employees stay 6.126Pay-Structure DecisionsHierarchical pay structuresbig differences from one pay level to anotherwork best as long as independent work Compressed pay structuresfewer pay levels with smaller differences in pay between pay levelswork best as long as interdependent work6.127Employment BenefitsCompensation other than direct wagesEmployee benefits are legally m in addition to ated:Social Securityworker’s compensationunemployment insuranceCafeteria benefit plansemployees can select from optional benefitsPayroll deductionsBeyond the Book

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