CHAPTER 1&2 NOTES So math finally has a purpose

CHAPTER 1&2 NOTES So math finally has a purpose

CHAPTER 1&2 NOTES So math finally has a purpose

Obra, Joan, Food Writer has reference to this Academic Journal, PHwiki organized this Journal CHAPTER 1&2 NOTES KONICHEK I.Science- The organized study of events in the universe. A. Universe- all matter, space, time, in addition to energy B. Event- a happening along the timline of the universe- obeys Entropy II.Branches of science A. Life sciences- the biological related sciences B. Earth sciences- geology/ meteorology C. Physical sciences- chemistry in addition to physics 1. Chemistry- the study of how matter reacts 2. Physics- The study of the interactions between matter in addition to energy a. Branch of knowledge, which studies the physical world From atoms to the universe III Character of a physicist A. Inquisitive people- wondering why things do what they are doing. 1. Make observations then try to find the causes as long as their observations 2. Observations lead to powerful conclusions through experimentation

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Scientific method- the orderly way scientist searches as long as answers. A. Steps of the scientific method. – Provides a guideline as long as research 1. Observe in addition to state the problem 2. Analyze the problem 3. Hypothesis- an educated guess 4. Controlled experiment- many trials, many controls, one variable 5 conclusions- based on the observations in addition to the experiment 6. Repeat the procedure- provides validity of the data So math finally has a purpose I. Tool of the physicist is mathematics A. Should be able to do mathematical manipulations of an equation to solve as long as an unknown. 1. In this class algebra 2 is recommended. 2. College physics requires calculas II. Metric system- French scientist 1795 A. Based on units of 10 1. SI-international system of units- these are uni as long as m throughout the world. A, Length. Mass in addition to time are fundamental units 1. Length=meter- defined as the multiple of wavelength of light given off by krypton-86 2. Mass= kilogram- mass of a platinum- iridium cylinder near Paris 3. Time = second-1967 defined as “radiation emitted by a cesium-133 atom” 2. Derived units-these are combinations of fundamental units (m/s), Kgm/s2

III. Scientific notation- Based on exponential powers A. Easier to work with. Makes very large or very small numbers manageable 1. The numerical part is expressed as a number between 1 in addition to 10, in addition to that is multiplied by some power of 10 B.Rules as long as scientific notation 1. The decimal point is after the first figure. 2. Count the number of places the decimal had to move in addition to that is the exponential a. If the decimal moved left the exponent will be positive, if the decimal moved right the exponent is negative HERE THEY ARE IV. Prefixes used with SI (page 17) A. Based on powers of 10. 1) TETRA- 1012 2) GIGA- 109 3) MEGA 106 4) KILO 103 5) HECT 102 6) DEKA 101 7) BASE 100 8) DECI 10-1 9) CENTI 10-2 10) MILLI 10-3 11) MICRO 10-6 12) NANO 10-9 13) PICO 10-12 V. Operations in Scientific notation A. Adding or subtracting- always makes sure that both of the numbers have the same exponents. B. Multiplying- Multiply the integers together, then add the exponents C Dividing- Divide the integers then subtract the bottom exponent from the top.

VI. Certainties- measurements have a degree of uncertainty- can’t be avoided A. Caused by external circumstances 1. The angle an object is read from- Parallax a. Parallax is the apparent shift in position from the reference point. B. Accuracy in addition to precision 1. Precision- the degree of exactness to which the measurement of a quantity can be reproduce. Limit presented by the measuring device a. Trial 1 = 3.00×108 m/s b. Trial 2 =3.02x108m/s c. Ave= 3.001x108m/s d. Reported 3.001×108 + .001m/s Precision was .001m/s 2. Accuracy- The limit to which the measured value agrees to the st in addition to ard value. VII. Significant digits- the number of digits, which are valid as long as any measurement. A. Rules as long as sig figs 1. Nonzero digits are always significant 2. All final zero after the decimal point are significant 3. Zero between to significant figures are significant 4. Zeros used solely as long as the purpose of spacing decimal point are not significant. B. The number in the problem can be no more precise than the least precise measurement.

VIII. Displaying data. A. Line graph- most often used graph to record data 1. Independent variable-This variable does not change as a result to anything a. Time-X-Axis 2. Dependant Variable- this is a variable, which responds to the values of the independent variable a. Distance- Y-axis IX. Plotting points A. Identify the dependant in addition to independent variables 1. Independent is on the X- axis 2. Dependant is on the Y- axis B. Determine the range of variables to be plotted. C. Determine if the origin is needed. D. Number in addition to label the axis E. Plot the points F. Draw the best possible straight line or smooth curve that passes through as many points as possible it’s not dot-to-dot. G. Give the graph a title that clearly represents the graph.

X. Linear, quadratic in addition to inverse functions A. Linear- a straight-line function 1. y=Mx+b a. M= slope of the line or 1.m= Y2-Y1/ X2-X1 B. Quadratic relationships- Y= kX2 C. inverse relationships- Y=1/x or k=xy XI. manipulation as long as unknowns- X. Units-This will determine if the problem is done correctly when all the units go away in addition to you end up with the units it’s suppose to be.

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