Chapter 6-part 1 Passive Solar Energy in the News US Renewable Energy Use Renewables: Second Best Growth Solar Radiation vs Infrared Radiation

Chapter 6-part 1 Passive Solar Energy in the News US Renewable Energy Use Renewables: Second Best Growth Solar Radiation vs Infrared Radiation

Chapter 6-part 1 Passive Solar Energy in the News US Renewable Energy Use Renewables: Second Best Growth Solar Radiation vs Infrared Radiation

Pickering, Aaron, Meteorologist has reference to this Academic Journal, PHwiki organized this Journal Chapter 6-part 1 Passive Solar Incident Solar Radiation-Effects of Latitude in addition to Season Solar Heating through Time Uses of Passive Solar Heating Today Passive Solar Houses Solar Hot Water Heaters Energy in the News US Renewable Energy Use Share in 1999: How is this mix Different from that In Developing Countries Brazil India Other

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Expected Growth in Renewables: Bush Admin. 2001 Report Is this right, especially given the relative costs of different sources Renewables: Second Best Growth Can nuclear continue to outstrip Renewables, why or why not What is the growth rate of wind power In Europe Solar Radiation vs Infrared Radiation Why do the sun And the earth emit Different types of radiation Why does the mix of radiation change from the top to the bottom of the atmosphere What is insolation What are absorption b in addition to s What is albedo What is the greenhouse effect

Seasonal in addition to Latitudinal Insolation Variations Why does solar insolation at High latitudes decrease during Winter months What happens between the Tropics of Cancer in addition to Capricorn Angle of Incidence of Solar Insolation Why does the optimum Angle from horizontal as long as A solar panel vary with the Season (at high latitudes) What happens near The equator Seasonal Sunrise in addition to Sun Angle at 40°N Why is this variation In angle important For passive solar design What happens at the Equator At South Pole station

Insolation on a Solar Collector: 40°N What season does The flat collector Get the most insolation What season does the Vertical collector Get the most insolation What would this graph Look like near the equator Types of Solar Insolation Physics of cloud Cover: still not Well known Big problem in Climate models How does total Insolation depend on the Solar constant (Precambrian Equatorial Glaciations) Types of Solar Insolation Direct Reflected Diffuse Where do you get the most reflected insolation, on l in addition to Or on the water Why What type of weather gives you more diffuse insolation, Cloudy or clear Why How much of the incident solar radiation reaches the Earths surface

US Mean Annual Solar Insolation Where is insolation greatest Where is insolation Least What is the ratio of The greatest to Least insolation In the US Is this surprising Solar Printing Press Invented by August Mouchat: 1878 A: Solar Collector B: Steam Engine C: Water Tank Printing Press turned By steam engine Parabolic Solar Collector How does using water as the working fluid limit the collectors efficiency If outside air is at 293K, what is the Theoretical efficiency

Solar Pot Mouchots solar pot Could boil 3 liters of Water in 1.5 hours. Based on your problem Set, about how long would it Take to just bring the water To 100°C Adams solar cooking pot Where in The developing World would these Pots be easiest For people to accept Least easy to accept (Think cuisine Not income levels) Telkes Oven Why can this solar oven Reach higher temperatures Than the previous oven What features of passive solar Design does it incorporate That make it more efficient

Solar Water Distiller Research vessels get water from evaporators. Why is it so hard to distill water in the Red Sea Why does the ship need to be moving To distill water (Dredging leg in the Red Sea.) General Features of Solar Heating What uses a fan: Active or passive Solar heating Systems Flat Plate Solar Collector How is this Solar collector like a greenhouse Why should it Absorb more heat Than a typical Greenhouse (three reasons)

Types of Solar Flat Plate Collectors Which types are most Likely to be passive Why Active solar hot water system Why is active solar more common at high latitudes Types of Solar Collectors

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Thermosiphon Hot Water Heater Passive Solar System Water Collection Tank Must be above the solar Collector. Why Very popular in the Middle East. Why are these systems Impractical at higher Latitudes Bread Box or Batch Water Heater Hot water is removed Whenever tap is turned on. Payback time: 5 to 10 years. Very inexpensive as long as Preheating water. Solar shower used in Gulf War: very similar. Increasing Systems Energy Efficiency of Hot Water Systems Reduce water temperature to 120°F (depends on dishwasher) Insulate heater to R-19 Use low flow showerhead in addition to aerators (payback time 1 year) Reduce use by 50% Install a graywater system (illegal in some areas) Special detergents needed Install a timer on water heater so is only on when being used. Install a tankless water heater system (some use open flame But so do gas driers).

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