Chart Review Duplicate testing of Hemoglobin A1c in patients admitted so th


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Chart Review Duplicate testing of Hemoglobin A1c in patients admitted so th

Baptist Bible College of Pennsylvania, US has reference to this Academic Journal, Chart Review Duplicate testing of Hemoglobin A1c in patients admitted so that UCI under medicine team D Samantha Harris UCI Internal Medicine Residency October 4th, 2012 Methods Goal: To promote high-value, cost-conscious care within our residency program by avoiding unnecessary repeat laboratory testing Method: Reviewed all patients currently admitted so that medicine team D in the inpatient setting at UC Irvine Medical Center Examined hemoglobin A1c values checked both during in addition to prior so that admission in 15 patients so that see if A1c values checked were appropriate vs. inappropriate Patient Population Reviewed 15 patients admitted so that UCI in February under primary care of internal medicine, team D Of the 15 patients surveyed, reasons in consideration of admission included congestive heart failure, cellulitis, pneumonia, urinary obstruction, diabetic ketoacidosis, sepsis, shortness of breath, vomiting, vertigo, altered mental status, syncope, in addition to seizure 11 men in addition to 4 women, aged 21-83

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Results of Hemoglobin A1c Testing Of the 15 patients: 4 HbA1cs were sent during the current admission 2 HbA1cs were sent within 3 months prior so that admission Appropriate vs Inappropriate HbA1c assessed in table 1 Appropriate: Known hx of diabetes alongside no A1c in past 3 months Suspected diabetes alongside IFG or symptoms in addition to no A1c in past 3 months Inappropriate No hx of diabetes, normal fasting glucose levels, asymptomatic Hx of diabetes or IFG alongside A1c within past 3 months Table 1 ? Analysis of patients alongside HbA1c checked either prior so that or during hospitalization Conclusions All of the HbA1cs checked during admission appeared so that be appropriate More should have been done? Of the 9 patients who had no A1C performed: 7 patients had no hx of diabetes or IFG (appropriate) 1 patient had diabetes alongside ESRD 1 patient had IFG (levels 116-127), alongside significant cardiac history Confounders: Unsure about outside PCPs or records May be attending-dependent Small sample population In setting of infections may not be accurate (both IFG in addition to A1c) Did it really change management as an inpatient? How was it utilized as an outpatient?

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