Chris Carter, Budget DirectorSarah Mangum, Principal AnalystBudget in addition to Instituti

Chris Carter, Budget DirectorSarah Mangum, Principal AnalystBudget in addition to Instituti

Chris Carter, Budget DirectorSarah Mangum, Principal AnalystBudget in addition to Instituti

Parrish, Kevin, Contributing Editor has reference to this Academic Journal, PHwiki organized this Journal Chris Carter, Budget DirectorSarah Mangum, Principal AnalystBudget in addition to Institutional AnalysisUC Davis Budget in addition to Professional Degree Supplemental Tuition OverviewProfessional Student ForumApril 12, 2012Budget Context: Revenues, Enrollment, Awards, Work as long as ce Enrollment – fall 201125,325 Undergraduates (4.2% national/international)6,755 Graduate in addition to Professional(18% national/international)Research Awards – 2011-12$700+ millionWork as long as ce (FTE) – October 2011Faculty/academic 4,000Staff 14,195 Students 3,380Revenue – 2010-11$3.4 BillionBudget Context: State Funding vs. Student Tuition & Fees

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Budget Context: Operating ExpensesTotal Campus Expenses 2010-11: $2.9 BillionBudget Context: State Fund in addition to Tuition Budget ShortfallProfessional Fees: HistoryTimeline of UC Systemwide Actions on Professional Degree Supplemental TuitionProfessional Fees Used to Offset State Budget CutsProfessional Fees Used to Maintain Program Quality

Professional Fees: UC PolicyKey Components of Current PolicyProfessional Degree Supplemental Tuition (PDST) shall be assessed to sustain in addition to enhance the quality of the professional schools’ academic programs in addition to servicesRevenue from PDST will remain with the campuses in addition to will not be used to offset reductions in State Support (at UC Davis revenue remains with the Professional Schools)PDST levels are approved by the Regents within the context of a multi-year plan that is subject to annual reconsideration.Multi-year plans should take into consideration:Resources required to sustain the academic quality in addition to enrollment in the professional degree program.Remaining competitive with other institutions of similar quality.The cost of education as long as each specific degree.Financial aid should be supplemented in an amount equivalent to at least 33% of new PDST or an amount necessary to ensure that financial aid sources are equivalent to at least 33% of all PDST revenue.Professional Fees: UC PolicyIn as long as mation Included in Multi-Year PDST PlansDescription of academic in addition to /or programmatic reasons as long as increase.Programmatic goals in addition to an expenditure plan as long as new revenue.Ef as long as ts taken to avoid PDST increases (cost-cutting in addition to /or fundraising).A market comparison of total fees charged by similar programs at comparison institutions. Policy requires that fees be at or below comparison institutions, however the Regents can approve proposals that do not meet this requirement.In as long as mation on program diversity in addition to actions taken or planned to maintain or improve access as long as underrepresented groups.Description of financial aid goals in addition to strategies , including: Outreach to students regarding financial aid.Encouraging public service careers.In as long as mation in addition to viewpoint on student indebtedness.In as long as mation on the views of the program’s student body in addition to faculty on the proposed increase in addition to documentation of how consultation occurred.Student Fees: Uses of Professional Degree Supplemental Tuition at UC DavisProfessional Degree Supplemental Tuition at UC Davis2012-13 Estimate: $38.8 M RevenueFinancial AidStudent Grants & ScholarshipsLoan Repayment ProgramsInstructional ProgramsCurriculum revisions, development, & supportClinical Activities & SupportStudent Surgery & LabsLegal Writing, Law Review, Student JournalsStudent ServicesCareer ServicesAdvisingFinancial Aid SupportRegistrar in addition to AdmissionsStudent Diversity OfficeExamples of Activities Funded by Category

Student Fees: Professional Degree Fee LevelsStudent Fees: Fee Types, Uses, in addition to ApprovalStudent Fees: Fee Types, Uses, in addition to Approval

Student Fees: Budget in addition to Fee Approval ProcessBudget News Campus, UC system, state budget in as long as mationbudgetnews.ucdavis.eduData, analysis, Campus Campus Budget OfficeAdvocacywww.uc as long as cali as long as nia.orgAnnual financial schedules in addition to reports Regents Policy on Professional Degree Supplemental Tuitionhttp://www.universityofcali as long as in addition to Fees: In as long as mation Sources

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