Christian Mission Heritage Series October 28, 2008 Don Thompson Professor of Mat

Christian Mission Heritage Series October 28, 2008 Don Thompson Professor of Mat

Christian Mission Heritage Series October 28, 2008 Don Thompson Professor of Mat

McLemore, Mark, Host has reference to this Academic Journal, PHwiki organized this Journal Christian Mission Heritage Series October 28, 2008 Don Thompson Professor of Mathematics Associate Vice President of Educational in addition to Institutional Research Cindy Miller-Perrin Professor of Psychology Chair of Social Science Division Student Development Survey Goal: To underst in addition to how students define vocation in addition to develop their own personal sense of vocation 2002 – 2006 Surveyed 300 students Surveyed at 5 different time periods Baseline – summer be as long as e beginning at Pepperdine Each spring throughout undergraduate career

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Cell-Phone Text Message Poll What is Vocation The secular definition views vocation as work or career Vocation is God’s calling as long as one’s life – the reason God made you Vocation is the intersection of faith development in addition to identity development Vocation is “the place where your deep gladness in addition to the world’s deep hunger meet”

Total applications: 7414, total enrolled: 838 (11%) GPA 3.69 SAT Verbal 610 SAT Math 621 SAT Writing 605

Cell-Phone Text Message Poll Motives, Discernment, in addition to Barriers

Seattle, Washington Psychology Major Class of 2009 Graduate School Bound

College years are “critical years” in vocational development College students consider issues associated with personal identity, faith beliefs, in addition to career options Faith, identity, in addition to vocational development are not uni as long as m across the college years Students receive scores on four identity scales: Diffusion: no exploration or commitment “I haven’t really considered politics. It just doesn’t excite me much.” Foreclosure: no exploration, but commitment “My parents decided a long time ago what I should go into as long as employment in addition to I’m following through with their plans.” Moratorium: exploration without commitment “Religion is confusing to me right now. I keep changing my views on what is right in addition to wrong as long as me.” Achievement: exploration in addition to commitment “It took me a while to figure it out, but now I really know what I want as long as a career.”

Strength of Belief varied significantly over time Faith Behavior varied significantly over time Application of Faith did not vary significantly over time

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Total Personal Barriers scores varied over time, marginally

South Bend, Indiana Philosophy Major Class of 2008 Law School Bound College students experience significant developmental variation over time Strength of faith belief Faith behavior Identity development Foreclosure, Moratorium, Achievement Personal Barriers Faith matters – Stay spiritually nourished, seek wisdom Know Thyself – look as long as ways to challenge your assumptions Barriers are real – live through in addition to with them Sophomore year – expect a watershed Purpose – bigger in addition to broader than your career

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